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I haven't attained the rank of master. Be patient.


This year, I celebrate my nineteenth annual 29th birthday party. Given this datum, if you can guess my true age on your first try, you are of above-average intelligence. True age or not, and "40 is the new 30" blah, blah, blah, I am going to do everything short of dying young to avoid feeling like I've left my 20s.

I am a lawyer who worked for a couple of very large law firms before opening my own firm in 1996. We spend most of our time representing companies that are owed money by other companies, or people whose employers don't want to obey the law.

I love to travel. I went five years without taking a vacation and I'm now making up for lost time. Preferably, I like to visit places that feature sand and seashells, but rocks and pine cones are good, too, especially if there will be wildlife. When I travel, I take about 500 digital pictures per day.

I am happily and faithfully married to a wonderful wife who has given me two little girls and one little boy who are much better looking than I ever was. They are total grandparent magnets (for most of the grandparents, at least).

I know a great deal about the cultivation of liquidamber trees. I am a big fan of the double entendre. I play poker, at a modest profit. I own a dog that constantly infuriates me. I consider myself Christian, but I have no desire to be born more than once.

Politically, I am a fiscally conservative trial lawyer, which means that I like laws that protect little people against big companies, but I don't like to vote for people who want to tax the shit out of me so that others can sit on their fat asses, play video games, eat Taco Bell and bitch that there is no work to be had while immigrants take all the tough jobs and go to night school. This makes it very difficult for me to cast a ballot without holding my nose.

I think the world is a very interesting place, and I would live in it for 5,000 years (all of them as a 29-year-old) if given the chance.


Family, Nature, Travel, USC Football, Bonsai, Ceramics, Comedy