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    January 28, 2004



    Gay is a term with many meanings. To some, it means happy, a peculiar meaning for a word to have been ascribed to homosexuals, who suffer an above-average rate of depression and suicide. Some people say being gay is the state, perhaps mutable, perhaps not, of being attracted only to people of your gender. Others say, as this author either believes, or for for literary effect, professed to believe, that a person is gay because he does one or more gay things. You know, commit one murder, your a murderer for life, sort of thing. To be honest, I don't know how a man who is not gay could maintain the physical arousal to perform a gay act, but I only know how my equipment works. YMMV.


    I find it amazing that without actually knowing anything about the man's background, or really anythign else about his sexuality, you can proceed on the basis of one person's one-time involvement in a gay porn, to declare a universal truth--you're absolutely gay if you ever once engaged in a gay act.

    Britney kissed Madonna, it doesn't mean she's gay. Jenna Jamesom and other porn actresses do lesbian scenes--it doesn't mean that they're actually lesbians. I think it insults the intelligence of most people when you say you know everything there is to know about the complex human trait that is human sexuality. I'm straight, but if I needed the money that badly, hey 1000 bucks would seem like a million depending on what situation I'm in. After all, people have died for much less.

    In the end I think it's all about choices. If I was stuck in prison with no woman in sight, hey, I may not be physically attracted to other men, but it beats constantly beating yourself. It's about openess and tolerance with yourself, not really about what absolutely constitutes one sexual orientation or another. For young people it's also about experimentation. Some guy could do it with another guy once in their life, but stick to girls the rest of their life. I would hardly say that one experience makes him gay or bi.

    What amuses me is the reaction people have to this story. It's like they pay no attention to the person who is at the center of the story (Tadano), and focus instead on what THEY FEEL is important. In this case, you happen to feel that you know for a fact that every single human how has ever lived, faced with any single situation imaginable, will only stick to having sex with the person they feel physically attracted to.

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