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    February 07, 2004


    Retro Girl

    To add, I think that by watching the video, it made those who watched it feel like witnesses and because we saw the video, we were somehow left feeling as if there should have been something we could have done to save Carlie. Also, in viewing it, we were made even more aware of how easy child abduction can be.


    All the liberals fault. Of course. Might have something to do with not having financial resources to keep every animal locked up forever. Also, it did happen in Jeb Bush's state.

    But more seriously, cases like this which seem to scream "Death Penalty" may be just right for a particular case, but with the nearly infinity of ways governments can screw up since they are run by imperfect humans, giving governments the death penalty is more likely to generate injustice than justice.

    Tribal vengeance is something for societies where throwing battery acid in women's faces is accepted clan behavior.


    Let the liberals beware. There are truly human predators that continue to kill inocent little girls and others without remorse.

    I think it is time we limit the appeal process for individual cases like this one and hang thier asses on national television as soon as they have been sentnced to death. Give them a 30 day appeal and save tax dollars and room in our prisons for the lessor offender.

    Maybe even a show named the "Super Bowl of justice".

    If we send a strong enough message similar to the one the Saudi's use when they catch someone steeling. They cut the thieves hands off.

    If I were the father of these victims. I would find a way to castrate the son of a bitch and stuff the leftover in the guys mouth right before I hung him!

    Think that would be a strong enough message?

    I mean really do something to get the message across to these criminals.

    I think that these criminals know they will get away with murder without brutal punishment for their deeds and the fact they could care less about the existing justice system. Let alone their victims.

    When will people finally get fed up with these criminals? When will we see a change and expediency in the justice system?

    Hey,Who let the guy off when he jumped his parole anyhow?

    Those that are the responsable individuals should at the very least get chastised,loose their jobs and then be black balled from ever working in the justice system again.

    Who is responsible? You never hear about those
    responsible or any penalty for their irresponsible

    Where are the liberals now with there never ending solutions that do nothing for society but
    ebcourage and permit this vermin to wander freely to collect thier next victim.

    They are I feel ultimately responsible for trying to be lenient on these criminals, when their is not a chance of changing the criminal mind.

    Once and for all, let's develop some laws that really do send a message and protect the woman and the inocents of our great country.

    Rope tying class anyone?


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