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    February 14, 2004


    it took four years for someone to say this. too funny. hey anonymous, or 'onymous', the post was intended to be a joke. do you go to comedy clubs and try to have intellectual discussions about the underlying facts of a joke? you must be a blast at a party. rag on everyone telling jokes, eat the entire fucking buffet, clog the toilet barfing, and then leave. go confess it somewhere else, lol lol lol



    You need to do YOUR research regarding the English language. "reasearch"? "soley"? "bumlemia"? "bulemics"? "extreemly"? "thir"? "onymous"? "sterotype"?

    Yaaawwwnnnnn. Whatever, fat ass.

    you need to do your reasearch...OE is not soley for also caters to those struggling with bumlemia (and sometimes anorexia). bulemics (contrary to common misconception) often look much like the average person...especially if the condition is NOT paired with anorexia.... and its more of a psychological condition pertaining to control, rather then the vain urge to be a twig.
    from personal experience, i can also say that it's also extreemly difficult for those suffering to bring it out into the open (esp. to thir closest friends/family)---even if the want to stop.
    no one really can ever begin to know what its like, unless they've personally suffered from it.
    so yes...overeaters 'onymous' can truly be just that... people dont always resemble the sterotype....

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