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    March 20, 2004



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    P.T. Etchason

    Your boyfriend has a dangerous attraction. He is likely to dump you for a younger girl in the near future. If you cannot convince him to seek professional help, run, don't walk, away from him as fast as you can.


    Steph = ugly or lesbian/both


    what do you make of girls who are 17 dating a guy who is 20?

    Sorry Steph

    Rosie O'Donnell has a vagina. So does Hilary Clinton.

    Your turn.


    Men like anything with a vagina. The end.


    My boyfriend is 40, I am only 19. The age gap does not bother me because I love him. But latly I've been upset. My boyfriend has a fetish for teens and looks at teen porn all the time, I realise it's probably also why he likes me. But I turn 20 in two weeks and I'm afraid I'm getting to old for him. Lately he's been showing less and less interest in me, and more and more interest in porn. I dont know what to do. I'm too afraid to talk to him about it because he's very sensitive about it and always gets angry when I try and talk to him about his porn veiwing. I just dont want to loose him and I dont want him to find me unattractive because i'm getting older, cos I cant just stay 19 forever. I'm so confused. Please Help...?


    I was reading up on this because Im conserned for a friend. She is 15 and she is "in love" with a 20 year old male (he is also "in love" with her.) And Im also reading different arlicals and I'm quite scared because he really seems just like what yall are talking about. I think that Ephebophilia is very true. Of course that doesnt mean every guy that looks at a teen is like this. But still Im scared because this "man" has invloved himself in our everyday activites, he is alway around, and I have heard rumors that he has done this sort of thing to other teens. But when I try telling my friend this, she asks him and he says its not true( and of course she believes him). But there are just too many signs and rumors to ignore it.


    ew you're all sick bastards

    When I was in grade school, I liked High School girls. When I was in High School, I liked High School girls. Now that I'm 35, ...

    Mr. Level-Headed

    Actually, ephebophilia, according to a few authorities in the field, is not an "affliction"--it's normative due to its transhistorical and cross-cultural prevalence. If 80% of men in the world are attracted to young or adolescent individuals, just as they have throughout history (which makes it normal), the condition is likely NOT an "affliction." This is not counting the women attracted to adolescents. Where pedophilia is considered unsound reproduction due to the inability of prepubescent children to procreate, ephebophilia is considered sound reproduction due to the teens' sexually mature state (although many teens aren't yet emotionally ready). This has been a common thing for men throughout history who had the desire to seek out young wives for long years of procreation.

    By the way, I am hetrerosexual (meaning that I am attracted to adult women), but I also am attracted to adolescents over 14 (see? I admitted it, hehe). The only thing that makes it wrong is the fact that it's illegal. However, that doesn't mean I necessarily advocate adult-teen sex; all I wanted to do was clear up the "affliction" mistake.

    Oh yes! Ephebophilia is not listed among the sexual disorders in the DSM IV, 4th Edidition, as far as I know. Pedophilia still is.

    The authors are among the nearly 20% who falsely deny it, although nearly 19% probably deny it more convincingly.

    Sure, you're talking about 16 year olds, since that is the age of consent over there. Canadians get to admit to thinking 14 year olds are hot. Eat your heart out, mate!

    What a buch of crap mate! You tell me, you never got a rise in your knickers from a 16 year old. Bloody liar. Leave it to yanks to feel superior. sod of mate.

    What do you call a teenage boy who is attracted to an adult woman?

    What do you call a teenage girl who is attracted to an adult man?


    Do you think this is true?


    I'm with you on this. I don't find any of those nubile young ladies that attractive. They are certainly cute, but not my cup of tea.

    Halle that's a different story.

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