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    March 04, 2004


    Jim Allen

    I just deleted a bunch of Palm Desktop registry keys including one referring to Palm Desktop.msi; 4.1.4 installed ok and started. Yay!


    My company just Refreshed my computer which put me in this boat. And they are touchy about going into the registry. I guess I should have uninstall my Palm before they started their upgrade. Thanks for your response.

    lex icon

    never worked. I had to clean my hard drive and reinstall everything.


    Did work?

    Bruno Accioly

    From Brazil here... same problem...

    I will try the exe package.

    Pray for me.

    : )



    I downloaded that file and was able to install the palm desktop software on to my pc, but I was to afraid to run it since it was an .exe....

    so instead I removed every registry key that had to with palm and that allowed me to install the software.


    Woo it worked it did, the solution to the problem I and you are having. This file contains the .MSI that Palm wants before it can install.

    Retro Girl

    Sux. Totally.


    Perhaps it would make a nice coaster? I feel for you, dude.

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