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    March 29, 2004


    fat assssssssssss

    practice makes perfect but nobodys perfect so why practice???????

    i hate home & away!!


    there was a similar case to this in australia in 2003. And for this one, i am a Christian and i am a strong believer and i stand by my faith. i think that if the Virgin Mary wants to appear on a fence or in the form of a fence, She will. Our Lady is very powerful and can do things beyond our beliefs. all we need to understand them is faith. for example, when Our Lady appeared to the three children in fatima, She promiced a miracle in October, the month that we are in now, to make the non-believers believe. with this miracle, she brought the moon far far back, then made it as if it was dropping on the people but stopped it just before it reached earth. At this time, She also cured the sick and injured, cleared up the weather and dried everyboydys wet clothes. I'd like to thank this website for allowing me to express my oppinion. GOD BLESS!

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