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    April 03, 2004



    Hello there! I simply wish too give you a big thumbs up for your excellent info you've got here on this post. I'll be coming back too your web site for more soon.

    Wow. You hit the nail on the head with the tsunami thing way before the rest of the world satarted getting scared shitless of them. Nice work with the snake too.

    Kimmi Izumakii

    I really like the site!!! It's awesome!!! SWEETNESS YOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jose Cavazos

    Jose Cavazos is an asshole!!!


    wow. you sure are swell. I'm a dork

    L. L.

    You know, I have to agree with like everything you said about werewolves, tsunamis, deers, sharks, Al Qaeda, etc. But for myself, I'd definitely have to add bears. I know it's not likely at all that there may be big old scary people-eating bears in rural areas, but I know what they can do to a person. I had the most dreadful experience of being forced to watch a "Faces of Death" video once (unbeknownst to me at the time), and the next thing I know some poor stupid man, who had been taunting a bear (?????????) was being ripped to shreds. That was all I needed to see to make me fear for my life whenever I'm near a forest. My daughter recently got as a gift a set of 5 children's wildlife videos (no violence, thank goodness). And guess which one is her favorite??? The bears one.

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