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    April 24, 2004


    Retro Girl

    The half naked 'couple'? The story says they are a 'couple'. They are simply not a 'couple' at all. A better description would be an adult transsexual committing sexual acts with a minor. Last I heard, this was illegal.

    You know that is truly some sick and twisted shit.

    Lex Icon

    Thanks. I fixed the link.

    Retro  Girl

    The necro guy? But jeebus, what a sick and twisted bastard. Some people just need to be shot where they stand. The Gay Couple link didn't open. Well actually it did, but only to more horrible sex with corpse things.

    As far as The Godfather and The Sopranos, I couldn't agree more. Survivor doesn't do much for me anymore, though. I just got bored with it a few seasons ago.

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