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    May 11, 2004



    They already hated us. They needed no reason or excuse to continue the reign of terror.
    There is a lot about how this young man came to be in their custody that we don't know. We don't know who was behind those masks. Just as Iraqi's should not judge all of us based on what a few have done, we cannot let ourselves judge all Muslims based on this horrific action.
    My problem is that while I expected this kind of thing from the 'other side' I was not prepared for what I saw of the ongoings in Abu Ghraib. I know, I should have been. War is a nasty business. People die, people are abused, people are tortured. It happens. I was naive to think that Americans would not use the same tactics that have been used upon them. I should have not been so shocked. Saddened, but not shocked. No more than you should be shocked by what happened to this one young American. After all we know what people are capable of. Or at least we do now.

    Retro Girl

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