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    May 10, 2004


    Ian is a fool

    From what source do you draw the claim that a convicted murdered has earned or deserves the RIGHT to whatever he or she wants as a last meal?


    First of all, Gacys last meal was Shirmp, Fried chicken, cola, and fresh strawberries. Second it is the person RIGHT to have whatever they want as a last meal on this earth. Likewise with the last words. It doesnt matter what you think about this because really what you think doesnt change the human rights of a person. It doesnt matter what this sick bastards have done, in the end they are still human beings.

    Yes, it is obvious that anyone who does not advocate giving a feast to convicted murderer also kicks dogs and pinches babies. You are a brilliant logician, Patricia Lee. You should be a college professor.

    Patricia Lee

    You're obviously another pro-death penalty advocate who does not know his facts. If you have ever read the last statements of those executed, you'd see that they usually consist of apologies. Maybe not of any interest to you, but many families of victims feel differently. Deny a man his last meal? I bet you kick dogs and pinch babies too. How sad that you have nothing better to gripe about than that.


    I comletly Agree with you on Death row in mates not having their last meal and Last words. Did their Victims get that NO!! Thanks for you re time Sincerally Lori

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