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    June 27, 2004



    This school administration sounds like a collective ass to me, but I don't believe high-school students are considered to have the right of free speech. I haven't done any research on this, but I seem to remember (in the "my friend heard from his sister whose teacher blah blah blah" sense) that many free-speech challenges raised by school newspapers, for example, have been batted down at various levels in the federal courts. So while I heartily disagree with the administration's actions in this case, I think legally they're covered by precedent.

    And since politicians' first concern is always "Is my ass covered here?", they'll hide behind that.

    Retro Girl

    This is just crazy.


    Fucking ridiculous. Its too bad they dont take collect calls. You should call them and claim to be a radio station and tell them they are on the air and see what they say.

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