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    June 22, 2004


    lacoste shoes 2010

    Did you ever expect a corporation to have a conscience,when it has no soul to damned,and no body to be kicked?Do you understand?


    Amazing how everyone who does this test falls in the 2%. Rather mediocre era of 2-percenters I guess. The test hinges on coming up with answers quickly so it sounds like most of the self-styled 2-percenters tests are invalidated.


    ... a rabbit eating a tangerine in Darfur.....

    That'll be the new 98%.....


    I had an Iguana eating an apple in Djibouti...the dog eating grape in denmark guy messed up, i think

    Crankly Greg

    Cranky Greg envisioned a Kangaroo eating an orange in Denmark. Sounds like CG is just an average Joe.....


    Koala eating an apple in Denmark.....


    When I was a precocious 16, I told my Geometry teacher he did not need to bother signing the form to authorize my taking Algebra II, "because I'm going to law school and then I'll hire someone to do math for me."

    Maybe I should have thought further ahead.

    I won't reveal where or what, but my answer was eating apple strudel. :)

    Retro Girl

    Good one, Lex!

    I'm in the 2%: Dog eating a grape in Denmark.


    Mine was a kitten eating a nectarine in Denmark.

    lex icon

    The 98% envision a kangaroo eating an orange in Denmark. I, however, joined the 2% that had "other." I had a cheetah eating a honeydew in the Dominican Republic. Actually, at first, I was watching caribou starving, while looking for a fruit that starts with "u" in the Dominican Republic.

    Here's the "science":
    Your country will always begin with D, because you will always have the number 4, because 9 minus 5 is 4. And you always get to nine, because any number from 1 to 10, when multiplied by nine, yields one or two numbers that add up to nine:
    1*9=9 9=9
    2*9=18 1+8=9
    3*9=27 2+7=9
    4*9=36 3+6=9
    5*9=45 4+5=9
    6*9=54 5+4=9
    7*9=63 6+3=9
    8*9=72 7+2=9
    9*9=81 8+1=9
    10*9=90 9+0=9


    There are not many countries that start with D. In fact, there are but four. Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, and Dominican Republic. Exluding citizens and natives of those nations, pretty much all non-beisbol players who didn't take a Western Caribbean cruise that stopped in Haiti will come up with Denmark. Animals that start with k are also few. Most people will say kangaroo. A few might say ye olde apple-eating koala, especially if you just looked at a news photo of twin koalas. A kitten might be a proper response. I can't think of any others. Now, if you said kangaroo, like most people, the orange is a pretty obvious choice. I can't imagine another fruit beginning with an O popping into my head quickly. In fact, ... I can't think of one, period.

    But...Shortstops and people who've been to Hispaniola recently might pick the Dominican Republic, even if my post hadn't mentioned walking off the island. If they pick the D.R., there are a ton of choices for animals whose names start with a C. Cheetah, caribou, cat, cow/cattle, cougar, I could name a hundred pretty quickly. But if you make the wrong first choice, like me and my caribou, your animal might starve.

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