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    June 13, 2004


    Retro Girl

    Fatburger is da bomb! Steak and Shake burgers are pretty mediocre in this area altough the spagetti they serve is pretty tasty.

    I tried to get through the Da Vinci code and as a former librarian I'm ashamed to say I just couldn't finish it. The idea that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married isn't so far fetched in my opinion, though. I mean it was so long ago who really knows?

    Retro Girl

    Oral Disco!! LOL!! Did you see the Inflatable Sumo Wrestler on that site? I think I'm gonna buy me some sumo lovin' just so I can strap him in the passenger seat of my car to thwart those pesky stalkers and to cut in front of people on the interstate. They wont flip me off with Sumo Sam along for the ride!

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