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    June 24, 2004



    I quite liked the book too, but I agree with you—that twist drove me right up the wall. Nearly ruined the whole experience for me, which involved two nights of staying up way too late because I couldn't put the damned book down.

    It's been long enough since I read it (a few months) and I blitzed through it fast enough, however, that I'm not sure of what I'm about to say. But it wasn't as simple as the grandmother calling up Sophie, was it? I mean, I'm remembering it as both Sophie and Grandma not knowing about each other, or something like that (maybe there was some particular reason she hadn't/didn't/couldn't call Sophie up)?

    Maybe time to read it again....

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    In the final few chapters, Sophie meets her grandmother and her brother, whom she had believed to be dead. And grandma, it appears, knows the secret of the grail. Thus, we had no need to have them decoding cryptic messages and running all over France and England, because all we really needed was to have grandma pick up the damn telephone and call Sophie with the good news that she still has living relatives, and, oh, by the way, your family's ancestors include Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and we are the keepers of the Sangreal.

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