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    July 11, 2004


    Retro Girl

    I've not read The Five People You Meet In Heaven but I really want to. I listen to the author every day on talk radio.

    I have been going to mention that I was once a HUGE basketball fan. I loved the Lakers, Bulls and the Celtics back in the day. Last night I was going through my basketball card collection and came across my Larry Byrd 3 card hologram set from 1992 and I'm considering putting it on ebay. I have no idea what it's even going for these days. I have a Michael Jordan rookie card that I intend to keep for a few more years--in fact, it may save me from being homeless someday. Speaking of Shaq, I came across his rookie card, as well. Those were the days.


    I have some adivce for you.... haha... dump the Lakers seats and move to the iowa Minnesota border. Then buy Minnesota Timberwolves season tickets and Iowa Hawkeye College Football tickets. Mike Williams will have to sit out, from USC so their team is Done... The lakers are a wreck... I would invite you to seriously consider my offer. : )

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