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    July 12, 2004


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    *i like this part of the post.I think a lot of people would be surprised how easy it is to start including fine-motor activities in playtime.


    I like that and very glad.

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    Your article about the litigation lotto was very interesting. Living in California can be quite a challenge. I have seen some of these litigants in action. One in small claims, they call her the "Queen of the Small Claims Court", and a guy and his parents who appear to be making their living off the family law courts, ie Sweetheart Scam, Pro Se Fraud. And boy do they have a bag of tricks. Legal tricks. Dealing with lawyers is alot easier than dealing with these dishonest Pro Se Litigants. They have no controls and will magically come up with doctored evidence, relatives who lie not only against other witnesses, but against other lawyers who have created legal documentation. I have seen Pro Se litigant really pull alot of crap, even when DAs are present and attorneys. Somehow they've gotten the idea, that because they are Pro Se that this is a new kind of lawyer! And that they can challenge any lawyer to a dual! Ha Ha!

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