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    August 14, 2004


    Retro Girl

    Just so you know, Sanibel Island has now imposed a curfew; nobody on the streets between 7pm and 7am.

    Retro Girl

    My brother just moved from Orlando (where he lived for 15 years) to Baseball City but drives to one of the resorts in Orlando where he works.

    It's just a mess on Sanibel Island (my parents own some property there).

    lex icon

    I'm glad to hear your family made it. I read about it on the Bovine blog. You should post pictures if you can get 'em.

    Have you any idea if Highway 4 south to Tampa and/or north to Daytona are clear and running at full speed yet?


    My family's in Celebration (just outside Orlando), and while they got to be in the eye of the hurricane, the house is still standing.

    If there's anywhere specific in the Orlando area you're curious about, I can ask them how it's doing.

    I do know that Highway 192 got pretty trashed.

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