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    September 10, 2004


    Bench Craft Company Locations

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    I am considering Sueing REMAX of TEXAS. They defamed my company after we did not renew our franchise. Just wondering if anyone has settled or collected for damages like these?

    Poor RE/MAX Owner

    More people need to know how RE/MAX operates before they lay down their hard earned money for a franshise. Yes a franchise is realatively cheap and they sell a [email protected] load of them. But you need to read the fine print in your contract. They own you. Basically you become an unpaid employee for RE/MAX and you put up all the money and take all the risk.

    Yeah there are some markets, usually large ones, where the RE/MAX model can work. But for small and medium markets it is a money pit for the owner. The owner never makes a penny and there is NO exit strategy as RE/MAX must approve ANY change of ownership, move, transfer, merger, basically EVERY aspect of your companies business is controlled by RE/MAX.

    The tools aren't that great, the website sucks, for what you pay for, you should be getting the absolute best, instead of 2nd best.

    Can't wait til my agreement is up.

    Robert C. Kline

    I owned 14 RE/MAX franchises, ran into financial difficulties in 2007 due to internal fraud and over $900,000 of outstanding agent receivables not paid as agreed, although I had to pay corporate.

    And guess what "no help from corporate" who aided and abetted to recruit and strip my company of agents and revenue after I paid them over $1 million per year.

    Class organization!

    Remax Lawsuit

    Looks like this guy doesn't like Re/Max.. he is suing 1700 of their agents AT THAT LOCATION! SAME COMPANY!


    This is being published to let every home Seller & Buyer know that Remax Realty of Joliet, IL practices in the SHADDY business of Real Estate. They will make multiple offers on several homes for their buyers, tying up these homes from further sales. In the meantime the sellers are left packing their stuff til 2-3 weeks before the sale is to be complete at which time you'll get a low-ball offer "oh well we can still keep this sale if you are willing to lower your price $5,000 more". If you don't believe me call Dave Pitts who is an agent at Remax Realty of Joliet 815-729-1814.

    Please take your business elsewhere and don't accept any offers you get from Remax Realty of Joliet!

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