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    September 12, 2004


    Cranky Greg

    USC is a chicken team. Afraid of Fresno State. Get your team to step up to the plate!

    lex icon

    I do agree that the Hawkeyes have a nice team this year. But I'm not sure whether the Iowa State game was much of a test. Iowa hasn't rolled USC, though.

    BTW, why don't the Hawkeyes and Cyclones play on Rivalry Saturday?

    Reid Bradley

    I am wondering why you don't have a little score box for Iowa Iowa State game... you see this is what Happens, Iowa gets ignored ignored and ignored, then when you least expect it, they show up and roll ya!


    Fresno State is now ranked 20th after the K-State upset. Makes me feel less bad about them pounding the UW the week before.

    Looks like a return to the days of old for USC. I can only imagine how that must feel -- my team hasn't been #1 the entire time I've been here. :)

    USC-Cal is shaping up to be the Pac-10 game of the year.

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