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    October 21, 2004


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    Those are good ones, too. I might start rattling off more lists of five time machine destinations. Hoffa? Yeah, I'd like to see that. The Alamo? Sure. I could easily pick 100 things to see.

    Cranky Greg

    did Ford make a deal with Nixon?.....Jimmy Hoffa's last 24 hours...that Doors concert in Miami, did Morrison really flash himself?.....goosehunting with Kerry? did he really shoot that goose? Bowie at the Alamo....the Alamo is the National Shrine of Texas...The Cradle of Liberty....James Bowie was a real Hero! Don't listen to the revisionists...


    Good list. Mine would include Kennedy and Jesus, too, but also the fall of the Alamo and the death of Jim Bowie (hence Bowietrek; Jim Bowie and Star Trek): and the day I met the man I would fall in love with.

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