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    October 01, 2004


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    Several games are still pending, but my five favorite picks are done playing. Three of them beat the spread:

    Auburn, a slight dog, killed Tennessee (sorry Reid);

    Georgia, only a slight favorite, killed LSU, proving that LSU is weak this year;

    Florida, a 7.5 point favorite, doubled up on the spread;

    On the other hand, Texas won by 30, but I needed 38;

    and Oregon State, a touchdown dog that I thought would catch Cal looking ahead to USC, got pounded (which further reflects upon how weak LSU is this season). I think I'm glad Cal won so easily. They are a very good team, and the last thing USC needs is for Cal to roll into LA steaming over a bad beat.


    You were right about Utah winning their game—28-7 over New Mexico tonight.


    Tennessee at Home Vs Auburn... Vols will take it, save yourself $11

    Cranky Greg

    Cranky Greg agrees with your picks. That means you are doomed and are gonna lose a lot of money. Cranky knows that deep down inside your are a Giants fan. Cranky can't make it to Dodger Stadium this weekend, but will expect a beer next spring when the Giants visit LA!

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