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    October 26, 2004


    lex icon

    Yes, viewed in the context of Kerry's attacks, it is bullshit. How can the left, out of one side of its mouth, contend that we should never have gone into Iraq (and left those weapons and all of his other weapons, located or unlocated, in the hands of a sworn enemy of the US), and, out of the other side of their mouths, complain that the move into Iraq was not strong enough?

    And if all or, more likely, some of the weapons were removed, is it not more likely that the blunder, if it was that, is the fault of someone in the military hierarchy who is far below the commander in chief? Do you really expect the president of the country to be micromanaging what we do with the contents of every building in Iraq? Would Kerry have even tried to do that? Bear in mind that Saddam hid weapons in schools, hospitals, civil buildings, depots, transportation certains and almost any available location.

    Yes, it's bullshit.


    1. A member of the NBC crew that visited Al Qaa Qa last April 10 has said that "there was no search...that was more of a pit stop there for far as we could tell, there was no move to secure the weapons." This was an overnight stop, and the leader of the brigade that stopped there has told the NYT that "it was not our focus" and that there was no search.

    2. US troops actually first got to Al Qaa Qa on April 4, according to this article, and there were signs of explosives. This is a week before NBC got there.

    3. NBC has issued a clarification:

    "Last night on this broadcast we reported that the 101st Airborne never found the nearly 380 tons of HMX and RDX explosives,'' Tom Brokaw, the NBC anchor, said. "We did not conclude the explosives were missing or had vanished, nor did we say they missed the explosives. We simply reported that the 101st did not find them.''

    "For its part, the Bush campaign immediately pointed to our report as conclusive proof that the weapons had been removed before the Americans arrived,'' Mr. Brokaw added. "That is possible, but that is not what we reported.''

    4. If the White House is telling the truth (and wouldn't that be a novel proposition), then the Administration didn't know about the missing explosives until two weeks ago, when the Iraqis told the IAEA.

    5. This doesn't square with the Times report that the Iraqis warned Paul Bremer about the explosives last May.

    6. This whole mess would have been avoided if the Bush Administration hadn't kicked the IAEA out of Iraq prematurely.

    7. To quote Josh Marshall:

    Given all that's happened in Iraq, the potency of the al Qaqaa story was never that it was the worst thing that has happened in Iraq. It's that it brings together in one package almost everything that's gone wrong: incompetence, abetted by denial, covered up by dishonesty, and all in one fatal brew.

    And what do we have over the last forty-eight hours? The White House faces a press storm over a new revelation and their reaction is to go to battle with the news organizations involved with an argument they pretty clearly hadn't thought over for more than a few minutes.

    Now the White House has first, denied they knew anything about the problem before October 15th; second, said they've known about it all along and that it wasn't their fault because it happened before we got there; and third, well ... I guess we'll find that out tomorrow.

    8. Kerry is calling the people who are attacking our troops in Iraq "terrorists." Which they are. That doesn't make them allied with al-Qaeda, though (or the IRA, or FARC, or any of a myriad other terrorist groups.) When Kerry was saying that the terrorists weren't in Iraq, he was referring to al-Qaeda. Don't forget that there wasn't a connection between al-Qaeda and the Saddam regime. So says the US government's report, after all.

    Is any of the above "a pile of bullshit"?

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