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    December 17, 2004


    Doug Wiken

    Somebody has to do the tough jobs of keeping everything fair and balanced. I did not mention Bush family connections to trade with Nazi Germany, so don't know where the "Bushitler" comment came from, but if you think that is an appropriate name for the Texas Twit, i guess that is Ok with me.

    Some individuals are so egregious, "bashing" them ..assuming "bashing" is a perjorative nearly impossible. Bush is one of them. He doesn't fib about sex, he lies about matters of war, economy, rights, terrorism, education, social security, Rumsfeld, etc. and his noise machine lies about everything else.

    Actually, math is really dangerous too. It requires 1 plus 1 to equal two and doesn't allow for the kind of spin required to convince a gullible public into thinking a kleptocracy with theocratic smoke deserves re-election.

    Merry Christmas.


    Wow...nice job, Doug, turning a harmless little math thing and turning it into a Bushitler-bash.

    Doug Wiken

    Why would we ever need a president who could add and subtract and might even recognize negative numbers when we have one that represents family values and has "Jesus as his favorite Philosopher"?

    Here's another puzzlement. Take the deficit after profligate liberal tax and spender Clinton was President. Take the deficit now after four years of borrow and squander Bush. Subtract Bush's IQ. Add 80. Multiply by the times Rumsfeld told the truth.

    Oh well....wonder who Bush hired to take his tests in algebra...or addition and subtraction for that matter.

    Merry Christmas.... and remember that "theirs" can also be written

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