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    January 18, 2005



    y isnt anyone talking about how much they hate ashley simpson

    hey its you again

    she is a dee dee dee her big sister is HOT but she is one ugly annoying bitch. when she sing dog whimper for christs sake

    hey its ypu

    i hate her she is the ugliest bitch ever she got caught lip singing and she was singing the wrong sond

    Get a real job bitch

    I can tell by the grammar that everyone in Ashlee Simpson's favor on this site is in like the 10 - 12 year old range. What a fanbase... I admire her that much more (sarcasm).

    blue blurr

    *sighs* the whole pop scene right now is killing me. It's like politics, except worse. The idiots sell really well, and when the non-idiots start to sell better, those who until recently liked them drop them like slugs because they're suddenly "sellouts." So basically nobody can ever get anything right, and the people who listen to decent music, with meaning and proper sound and whatnot, can't bear to band together, because they're all having silly little tribe-wars. And in the meantime the people who are just confused by the whole thing buy more Ashlee albums and show whoever's left that the whole world is going to hell. Ashlee Simpson has no talent, no discernable personality, and does not deserve her money or her fame. But it's partly our fault that she's making it at all. All of us who dislike her should quit bitching about it and find a way to unite against the whole Pop monopoly.


    i hate ashlee simpson first off she cant sing in the first place so she lip sings second she couldn't look half decent with the way she looked so she got a nose job and third the only reason she is famous is because of her sister she sucks and can't do anything herself she is a tanlentless wannabe loser and should quit befor we have to listen to any more of her suck ass music!!!!


    alright..A) ashlee is super nice. B) she doesn't really need to explain herself..bad things one's perfect. and C) all you ashlee haters need to get a life and stop picking on her because she is an amazing person and does not deserve this kind of us all a favor and GROW UP!

    Fuck Everyone

    Oh and to Sera. the one who posted above me. Your fucking stupid. No one gives a fuck about ashlee simpson. we are not jealous of her in any fucking way just cause we post comments about her. listen up sera, WE ARE VENTING OUT OUR FRUSTRATION OVER A FUCKING DUMBASS NO TALENT POSER ROCK WANNABE THAT'S STILL ABLE TO MAKE MUSIC SO WHEN THE TIME COMES THAT WE ACTUALLY SEE HER, WE WONT FUCKING KILL HER. PERIOD.


    Fuck Everyone

    Fuck Ashlee Simpson. Fuck Her Sister. Fuck Her Dad. Fuck all simpsons. They all fucking suck. Joe simpson is a fucking pervert who extorts his own children and comments on how big there breasts are. Jessica Simpson is a dumbass airhead who makes crappy ass songs and is a fucking horrible singer. Ashlee simpson is just a fucked up version of her sister. her singing is even more fucked up, along with her attitude. The only simpson that i do actually like, is the mom. Mostly because i feel sorry for her, because she actually fucked Joe Simpson.

    It's all fucking sad.

    Fuck Everyone

    Fuck Everyone




    Gerard W.

    Seriously, no one even try to defend her poor sorry ass on this one. SHE SUCKS. She looks and sings like a dragqueen. No talent, along with Hilary Duff. If you even deny this you are obviously brain washed by the slowly crumbling media of talentless starlets and tabloids. I hate Ashlee. It makes me sick to see people like that making so much money for bad preformances and horrible songs. And if you do like her, try listening to some GOOD music and then maybe you'll know the difference between shit-faced losers trying to mooch off their sister's fame and actual music artists who can ACTUALLY SING AND PLAY INSTRUMENTS. imagine that. And if you're going to scream at me for going to a site just to bash ashlee...look at yourself. You're here to defend that little poser.


    Oh come on, for once lets leave her alone, and forgive her, i love ashlee simpson NOT! hahaha - she lied to all of us - fuck i hate her! i vote she should be pushed in front of a speeding car - whos with me? lol


    Come on people let's face it. She famous because of her sister. Who by the way from all the tanning she looks a good 20 years older. I mean I like tanning but give it a break bitch you look like a suitcase. Your a reality tv whore who can't keep a man and has a nose bigger then a german shepard.and your frikin clone has shnoz the size of a sausage. She sounds like crap looks like a man and acts like a lesbian. Haha bitches in ohio that's what you get for buying tickets to that scare crow's concert anyway, I'm not hatin I just think that the music industry must live above a meth lab to think that askly simpson is the future of music

    Dear Ashlee:

    You are fugly..stop trying to be Jessica. You have naturally ugly, limp, thin/fine hair, an ugly shade of blonde…unlike Jessicaa’s thick, lustrous goldi lock mane. You actually have hardly any hair at all left..extensions don’t work on you. You naturally have like nonexistent eyelashes..stop trying to play with the smoky eye…it works on jess, not you…you just klook like a wannabe/drag queen. Um…ur nose is actually the ugliest thing I’ve seen in my life, no matter how many noose surgeries you get you’ll never look like Jess…your face IS LONG AND SKINNY AND YOUR CHIN AND NOSE LOOK LIKE A WITCHES. JESS LOOKS LIKE BRITNEY spears, not you (YEP WEW ALL HEARD U IN UR SHOW, THINKING U LOOK LIEK BRIT)…you look like an ugly version of Ashley tisdale is all. Umm, ur actually NOT tan at all….the orange look only works on Jess. You had bumpy, red, pale and freckly skin to begin with. No matteer how much u say u Love ur boobs, we all know you wish you had Jessicas. Jess was mpost popular girl in school, you were a follower. Jess has talent, I can’t listen to ur ugly voice without vomiting….stop trying to do the sexy raspy thoing that comes to Jess naturally….you’d be a fucking like mcdonalds emplyee if Jessica wasn’t you7r sister…so stop pretending you’re the hotter, more talented one because you’re below average in looks and talent. Sorry! And also you’ve oly had like 2 boyfriends. The one with the huge nose and gay ass Ryan and he other Chinese midget. So go to hell! ^You’re not pretty, even with ur fake nose and fake tan skin and fake chin that u obviously got reduced to be less of an ass chin, ur fake eyelashes, fake hair, FAKE VOICE JUST GO TO HELL THANKSBYE. I HOPE UR NEW NOSE BREAKS AND ALL UR HAIR FALLS OUT AND THE USE OF SPRAY TAN CAUSES CANCER. KTHANKSBYEDIE.


    you guys are all just some mother fucking assholes who have no life what so ever accept to trash someone else that you don't even know anything about. get over yourselves you low-life bitches and stop being so cruel. peace out fuckers!


    For those ppl who r trying to defend Ash.. don't worry. she wont be offended by the comments cuz she won't be able to read.


    I agree that Ashlee Simpson has no singing talent. The fact that her songs make me want to tear my eardrums out should be more than enough reason to understand that she sings like crap. Her (old) nose looks fine though, I think that physical appearance has nothing to do with how badly she sings. It's just a shame that she had to go get all that plastic surgery as of late. The ounce of respect I had for her is now gone, she's just another Fake Hollywood Barbie. A Fake Hollywood Barbie that sings like fucking shit.


    i would rather date a man with a hairy chest then listen to that skank if ur a fan of that buffalo ass lookin hippy
    like the tiolet store wants its clothes back soundin like shit ahlee fans F*&^ U! AND UR MOM AND UR DAD!!!!!!!!! AND IF U HAVE ANY PETS F*&^ THEM TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaira Roxas

    you guys need to go home because all this stuff is true except the lip singing all thease stuff you guys say is fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jaira Roxas

    you guys need to go home because all this stuff is true except the lip singing all thease shit you guys say just forget about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You guys are all wrong shes coo-..AAH GOTCHA!..JUST KIDDING SHE SUCKS!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...or am I? Naaw she sucks! hehe.

    Ashlee Simpson is a complete waste of space, a no good piece of human hoplesness. A knock-kneed, pigeon-breasted, hen-toed, worthless piece of monkey shit. A no good, never was, never will be piece of crap.


    These are all opinions.
    My opinion is that... I don't like the music she... erm... craps?
    But other people may see differently.
    Please Accept that.

    she looks like a man that has his dick on his nose!lol

    she's a dildo

    shes a monaki

    she's an ugly ass bitch with an ugly ass voice she's a ho with her best bud lindsey!!


    Oh yeah, and to the moronic bimbo that defended Simpson at the "Orange bull" event.... its "Orange Bowl"! But for all you know, its a damn animal rights charity concert! If youre gonna try to prove, or even take the time to show your dislike of our evergrowing, Anti-Ashlee opinions, then at least try to throw some FACTS back at us. Because thats all weve been expressing here. And stop typing words the way you pronounce them... e.g. DAT, NUTTIN, HATEN, JUZ... especialy if you come from a country that berely found out about mainstream American rap last week. Damn I hate posers....hmmm poser...sound familiar Ashlee Simpson?
    There isnt nothing HIPHOP about your lip-syncing savior. Its a discredit to your intelligence and it makes you sound just as stupid as your Ashlee Simpson- defending cause.

    PS Theres more where that came from


    Oh yeah.... And for all you Ashlee Simpson fans, who have that same old "You dont even know her" comment.....Guess what NEITHER DO YOU! You notice that most anti-fans here never bag her personality? Its her "SINGING" that has led to us hating her. By the way, "SINGING" is something we DO know about her, and unfortunately for her, thats all we really need to know, or care to know. In conclusion, even if you as a fan hung out with her and her "Crew" for a week, who's to say you'd like her afterwards. Fans fall back on the unfounded "personality card" defending a "SINGER" whos reputation is determined on "SINGING". Im sure Vanilla Ice was a nice guy too but where is he now. His personality sure didnt reel in no grammy. Eminem used to be the American media's biggest enemy, and now the asshole is nearly untouchable, having not changed a grain of sand. CASE IN POINT! PERSONALITY HAS NO GROUND IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! EITHER U GOT IT OR U DONT! AND SHE DONT!


    First off...Yes I also heavily dislike the try-hard, wannabe die-hard, marketing scam that has come to be known as Ashlee Simpson. There is nothing "rock" about her, and thats where I get upset. In the name of all that does not suck!!!!..... U ARE NOT ROCK! Its an insult to all the rock stars that went through hell to get where they are today. U ever heard of Ernest Presely?...Famous brother of Elvis, before the was famous...HELL NO!! You think he could just openly walk into a studio and say hey my brother is famous sign me a record deal!!!! NO!! He worked hard and actually recorded songs before he was given the first oportunity to even be rejected!! And there was no such thing as edit. People had talent and faced far more humiliation to get to the top. Unlike our poor, poor, defensless, Gucci handbag could feed Guam for a week, famous before famous, "Victim" Ashlee Simpson. Thats how I see it. If Ashlee Simpson fans dont like what Im saying, then tuff nails. You have every right to disagree. Doesnt make your blood any more red than mine because you like her. I pay my internet bill and as long as I have the privilige to bitch and moan to the world, Im takin it! Venting in this matter refrains me from driving my car off a bridge everytime I hear her on the radio, and I know Im not alone!

    PS.... My deepest respect to all that is "Truly Punk"


    I am a 27-year old woman from France. I just found this place filled with all these negative comments.. It makes me sad that people have the need to "identify" themselves so strongly with a certain opinion about something. Why does anyone need to express their negativity..?
    I say peace, quiet, love, accept, pure being..
    You´ll see... maybe not untill your body is dead and your spirit or whatever will rise again

    Bon soir


    i cannot take it any longer. i have decided to commit suicide. i blame my friends, i blame my family....but most of all I BLAME ASHLEE SIMPSON!!! YOU FUCKING BITCH LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!! YOU STUPID WHORE I SHOULD TAKE YOU TO HELL WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!

    goodbye, cruel world.


    I think its funny how the majority of the people who say they love Ashlee spell every second word incorrectly.
    I hate Ashlee Simpson with a passion. She has a very distorted image of punk, rock or whatever it is she wishes she was.
    I am 14, as you can see I can spell, and I've been a punk since I was about 11. Ashlee has been a... "Rock Chic" for like 2 years. She used to be a preppy slut.
    All she did was get a record deal and a new stylist. She should have used the money instead for singing lessons, or a nose job.


    Dear Ashlee,

    It has come to our attention that you are attempting to market yourself as a singer. You cannot sing, please cease and decist immediately.


    We don't turn on Duff or Lohan because they don't make our stomachs turn. Ashlee Simpson does. That and none of those other teen divas ever turned on their band to explain getting caught lipsynching a supposedly live performance.


    God! You people make me sick! Why not complain about Hilary Duff? Lindsay Lohan? Why Ashlee? Shes a liar,and lots of people hate her but, why do you need to bitch about her all the time?


    Personally my opinion about Ashlee Simpson lypsinging to the music wasn't bad at all. I am sure that if she did that she had a really good reason for doing it anyway (that's if she really did) I don't keep up with the news. I know that I like her music and think that she is very pretty to just be herself. Now lypsinging is when you fake singing the song yourself. Well the song that was playing was really her singing but not her singing it right then and there. She may of had a cold or may have been sick. The point is whatever she was doing it was definately her voice. Now if she had someone else singing and was faking it then i would call it lypsinging. If she cancelled the concert then people would be very upset, because she does have alot of fans. So it looks like you can't win either way. My saying is that you can't please all of the people all of the time. And that is the truth no matter what we end up doing there is going to be someone who just likes to complain or make fun of you or even try to broadcast it. Everybody gets back what they give anyway. The way you treat people always beyond a shadow of a doubt will return in full to you. Scarey isn't it. We all have to think about what we say about people, dig deeper what is the true reason something happens. Why, where, when you have to have to true facts before you bash someone. Only Ashlee Simpson knows Ashlee Simpson noone knows her better then her own self. I wish people would really take a good good good look at themselves before they through stones. Well I am signing off now and I hope that everyone has a very good day bye.


    Oh for lords sake. No Pop tart can sing.
    Even the ones who are put on a pedastal now after years in the business,
    Kylie - madonnnona , mimed in thier early careers but it was BEFORE the internet
    and chatrooms where people knew about it instantaneuosly.

    I dont find Ashlee anymore disgusting than her sister, Kylie, Britney,
    Hilary or the horedes of american, UK/European Pop Icon wannabes.

    I can hardly wait until POP as we know it DIES, DIES , DIES!!!!

    Its already been replaced with r&b and hip/hop and rap.
    As much as I really dont fancy these genres, I think the masses are sick to death of young girl and GROWN WOMEN trying to sound like little school girls
    while slithering and sliding around like soft porn stars.

    I think it should be mandatory that once a Pop tart reaches 25, she should be
    forced to take singing lessons by professional coaches and required to change to a more mature genre of music, like jazz or cabaret.

    Like cher and tina turner did all those years ago.
    Mandatory time in Las Vegas would give them character.


    yall suck so does

    i h8 jess too

    ashlee ashlee ashlee, poor little ashlee, defencless ugly evil ashlee, die die die ashlee! i wrote a poem for you, and it goes like this:
    roses are red.
    ashes are black.
    go to hell,
    and dont come back. stab the bloodsucking rodent!!!


    Ashlee is the best

    i h8 jess too

    hey green daysupporter, i love greenday and think billie joe is hot but ash cant sing and the only reason people turn up at her concerts is cuz they feel sorry for her. and if i ever do feel sorry for her(which i wontnot even if we burn her on a stake) karma will come to get you cuz it was your idea toburn the dumb blonde.

    i h8 jess too

    ashlee simpson can eat my crap cuz i know that a donkey getting shot up the butt would sound betaa then her singing!

    Green DaySupporter

    Well first of all,how can you say Ashlee Simpson has no fans if so many people attend her concerts and not to just be there to boo her off stage.Second,if she sucks so badly then how could she sell 3 million albums.If you think she sounds awful then you should really try selling that much albums you haters.How great do you think it would feel if you found out your own school mates trashed you on the web.Not dandy I'll tell you that.Third ,she made it clear that she does commit mistakes like any other human.Even though I don't agree that Everyone that performs on SNL lipsyches she had to do what she had to do.She was FORCED to do that.Don't start a riot and make people feel bad.'cause karma works in mysterious ways.Thats not a threat just a reality.Even Billie Joe from Green Day said she's cool,really.Green Day rocks,peace out!


    dear A.S
    PLEASE stop singing, you are the reason this world is going down the drain. Look you can do other things like um...have some kids by some big rich guy and live out your life making his babies ok. how about you get a job at mcdonalds ,i know how you like their food since you like to go there late night with your crew and make an ASS out of your self[ seen it ]. so in closing i would just like for you to stop makeing like your "real" when its just not true.--------thanks-----everybody----


    I just want to add my two cents to this discussion. Ashlee Simpson is one of the most pathetic excuses for an entertainer I have ever seen in my life. Why does this talentless little girl get a TV show to promote her new album? Yet others who actually have talent and have been trying for years just to get noticed go unrecognized? It just amazes me at how undeserving she really is. It's like she woke up one morning and said "I think I'll turn my diary into an album"! And the fact that she thinks her music is "rock" or "punk" or whatever she happens to be calling it that day, is just ludocris to me. I guess I'm done venting...for now.


    Well, all we have to know is that all Simpson fans are clearly uneducated. One, they can't seem to use proper grammar, or know how to spell correctly, and two, apparently they think others can't have an opinion. Simpson haters don't have to shut up if they don't want to, and Simpson ass-kissers don't have to read the things we write.


    uh i love ashlee just the way she is and i look up to her in every aspect of my life.
    i think she is absolutely gorgeous the way she is. i met her last night at her concert in detroit, and she was very kind. i wish i was exactly like her.
    she's cute... she's different looking, she's fun, she's exciting and unpredictable.



    whats the problem i know shes socially retarted but give her a chance you'll see where i'm coming from. to my friend aimz you are a cool chick i liked your poem ROCK ON AIMEE

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