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    January 19, 2005


    lex icon

    Say, you all aren't supposed to post funnier comments than the original post....

    By the way Alchemist, I loved your HDTV comment today, but I don't have the proper account to lay down props on your blog.

    The Evil Alchemist

    Bunghole noise is fine, but grunting is unacceptable. Here in New York City, two of our mailroom guys like to eat on the toilet while defecating. Not just chips (though I listened to one of the grunters going through a bag of cheetos, horrified, some months ago) but in one instance a container of chinese food AND FORK were seen emerging from a stall. Awful.

    Doug Wiken

    "Now that I own my own business, I long for the days when I could steal all of the office supplies I needed."

    Years ago, one of the stores in Pierre, SD had a pen attached with a string tied to their counter so it would not be stolen. On the side of the pen was "Property State of South Dakota".

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