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    February 18, 2005



    It's great that you are getting thoughts from this post as well as from our argument made at this place.

    Sandy Mae

    It's too bad that nocita will never be convicted in court! Because His actions will always be "alleged" rather than legally proven. Can't you still take these perps to court? When journalists write about people like esther hatcield miller and mary gallagher they have to call them "alleged victims" rather than the "victims" they really are and will always be. Go to court & make it legal!

    Esther Hatfield Miller

    Here is the Father Michael Nocita file (incomplete, of course) but it will give the readers a sense of the CRIMES he perpetrated on minors. I have met several other victims of his that are NOT included in this file.,Michael.pdf


    Read his file (which is now open) and you will see a small sample of his crimes against young women. There are so many victims, including myself, who never spoke up or brought charges against him. When I read the accounts of those who did complain, I see that he used the same lines and "moves" on all of us. He was a selfish jerk who got off on getting young girls to fall for him. The fact that church leaders were aware of this and allowed it to continue is disgusting.


    It is laughable when some post on here that they "know Fr Mike couldn't have done this or that". All you can attest to is what he did/didn't do to YOU. You cannot know what he did to anyone else. I know what he did to me in 1978/1979 while at Mary Star of the Sea parish in San Pedro. That's enough for me to know what kind of man he is and that he belongs in jail. If you want to comment, you should only discuss what you know from your own perspective. But please, do not dare to say what you THINK he did/didn't do to anyone else. That is not possible for you to know. I know what happened in the back of his beige Honda...


    I know that michael Nocita did not commit these crimes. This has been a deliberate act of destroying his reputation.

    in the legal know

    hey desertmoon....anyone over 18 is committing a crime if having sex with anyone under 18. It's the law. Most if not all of these girls were under 18. Besides the fact that a priest shouldn't be having sex, or kissing girls period! He used his position to influence young girls/ladies, whether horny or not...he's the adult and KNEW better. He continued to do it for years and I hope he goes away forever. I knew him and while I may have been too young for him or whatever, strong, i know he had an 8 yr affair with a girl at my high school. then dumped her for another high school girl. He's a textbook pedofile. spelling?
    what sickens me is it is known that the bad priests are shipped around...most have gone to schools/churches in Mexico, very scary for them.
    if they are caught, kick 'em out of the Catholic church!

    one reason i've left the church, i am a Christian but will not follow in this cult that allows MAN/MEN to run the religion blind! Holy hell!


    And I am also very glad Lisa left him and has found love with someone else. She deserves happiness. The unfortunate part are his sons, who have to bear the burden of his tainted reputation.


    Sorry Kerry, I also went to Alemany while he was principal, and I am sad to say he had a sexual relationship with a friend of mine during that unfortunately this IS true.


    Mike Nocita is, was and forever will be EVIL. The innocent catholic souls have suffered abuse of all types from Mike & other monsters.

    "Clergy abuse is a form of interpersonal victimization that involves a high degree of relational and betrayal trauma. In some significant ways, it resembles incestuous abuse."

    Just because it didn't happen to you personally kerry or your sister chris does NOT mean it did not happen. Afterall, what can a 3 yr. old assess - certainly not EVIL from Mike Nocita.


    I am so horrified to read all of this. I am a witness to the fact that Mike Nocita is and always has been a stand up guy. I have known him since i was 3 years old went to St.
    Bridgets and also went to Alemany while he was there. I also know Ester Hatfield and that she is a very sad and lonely women who has made this all up. Mike is one of the most amazing people i have never known and if he were to have hurt a child i could have easily been one of them. He was a wonderful priest and would never have done any of thing things that this women is accusing him of just to make a dollar. Mike is a wonderful father to his two boys and shame on anyone who says otherwise. He is certainly not a danger to any children in this world and never has been.
    I do know the truth Ester and you know that I know. You know nothing of the sort ever took place to you or to anyone else by Mike. I do feel for all the children and families that suffered by a member of the church. But,Mike was not one of them. The 35 years I have known him he has been a blessing to me, my family, and many others. He never once was inappropriate to me as a child growing up or to my sister but, only a respectable role model for me to look up to.


    No need to ask... he's a smooth operator...smooth operator.

    curious George

    Jimmy, will you elaborate?

    Jimmy Crakcorn

    Today michael nocita is continuing to prepetrate others in his business practices. Is he the evil one the prophecies describe?


    Mike Nocita was a scum bag of a priest. While a priest in the early 1980's, he wrote letters to me, a married woman. He spoke of the sacrafice he was making for god, by being unmarried, and I could do the same by giving myself to him. He was a sexual predator, conning young women. But, thankfully, I came to my senses before anything inappropriate.

    Hmmm... You better go with plan B : - )

    Hmmm... Are you secretly hoping he leaves his beautiful wife and wonderful children to come around to you? Hmmm... Not likely.


    Hmmm, I guess what goes around comes around.....


    Rumor: Are the Nocita's seperating?


    Fr. Nocita won't be cool when he's begging before god to account for his many crimes of molesting and sexually abusing minor girls & boys, regardless of their age. He will need ice water in HELL.

    Mike was cool then and I think he is still cool now.


    First of all, the "girls" that Mike Nocita "abused" were all old enough to make up their own minds about what they would or wouldn't do with him. Come on, people, these were high school girls. Most of these girls probably had to make these same decisions every weekend night with their boyfriends or dates. Yes, Mike was a priest and should have had better control of himself; however, believe me, no girl would have brushed off his advances.

    Stick to the subject

    Why do people keep bringing up his wife? What part did she play in your abuse? Probably none. Stay on track people. This blog is about Father Nocita, not Michael Nocita and family. When you gripe about his wife, kids, and money you appear envious.

    Met at the chancery 1988

    This is all very enlightening. When I was converting, I was seduced by Mike Nocita, too. He was magnetic and handsome in a very sociopathetic way. He had a huge ego and prided himself for his intellect, constantly bragging about his accomplishments. I was an adult but a frail one. He almost destroyed my life, my Faith and my marriage. Instead I prayed harder and avoided priests except in the confessional and even then it was FAST. Pity the innocent priests who have their images sullied because of dirtbags like Mike. Pity his wife, when he robbed the cradle. He was her coach and principal.

    January 7, 2010

    I'm sorry to report to all of those commenting in defense of this man. I, too, graduated from Alemany High School, class of 1989. During the 87-88 year, he was our principal. I know of at least 1 under age female that he had an inappropriate relationship with. To those of you that don't get it, this IS a crime. I also know that he suddenly disappeared from Alemany shortly after, as an accuser from another school in which this sick man worked came forward. Seems like convenient timing, doesn't it? None of us knew what accusations had been leveled against him then, but it all makes sense now.

    Since he married and left the priesthood, I heard he has done very well for himself financially. The harsh reality is that most undeserving individuals fail upward in life. He will get away with what he's done... he's managed to fool his wife (who I also went to grade school with) into believing he's a decent and ethical human being. He is not. The facts don't lie, ladies and gentlemen. I can only hope there will be payback for him in the afterlife.

    Mary Catherine Gallager

    Sanitize this.


    where are mikes files? does the church have them to be sanitized or did they ever get sent to the attorneys?


    Oops... "Laura" and "laura" are not one AND the same. (It was a long day).


    Is that so? Well, I think you are far more evil. You continue to try to embarrass and hurt people over and over and over again with your clever words.

    Why don't you use that energy to help yourself and others? There's got to be something you can do. Look around.

    Is your miserable life still the fault of the Catholic Church? Grow up!

    And I want to make it clear that "Laura" and "laura" are not one in the same.


    i hope that mike nocita doesn't pray - his prayers are hindered and only heard by satan


    As a father and husband, Mike doesn't have a lot of idol time, he is busy taking care of his family. I'm sure he finds time to pray for the people he has hurt and ask the Lord for forgiveness. You should do the same.


    what does former father mike do with his idol time - dream of more victims????

    michael nocita

    is father mike nocita the one abusing chilidren.



    is father mike still abusing minors?

    I'm a guy, dude. I have no attraction to Father Mike.

    Lex icon has a rad site on many topics, not just married priests.

    it appears you were alone on valentine day too. Maybe we could meet and talk about other stuff, not just your fixation on a old married guy with kids and a wife.

    yes? no? maybe?


    Says the person who spends Valentine's Day evening checking websites about Father Nocita. -----v

    You're the creepy one. Why would you even look for Father Nocita on facebook? Do you want to become one of his "friends" and catch up on old times? I highly doubt he would waste his time on anything such as facebook or myspace. Find someone else to cyber stalk. Leave this man and his family alone.


    This is creepy. I tried to see if Michael Nocita had a facebook page. I found a different Mike Nocita. His short friends list includes a Mike Baker.

    lex icon

    The continuity is still there. All the comments are still there, but across the entire blog, I changed it so that the most recent comments are listed first. On some of the posts, like this one and on about the college football season, people had to click Next a dozen times to read the latest comment and respond to it. This way, the latest comments are right up front, and if you want to look at the older ones, you can still find them.

    we loose the context of the postings with the new format. how about changing back to the old way for continuity?

    not the fr nocita we knew

    was fr. nocita in the documentary deliver us from evil?

    lex icon

    I've switched formats to put the most recent posts at the top. That way you don't have to click your way through a bunch of pages to see the latest comments people posted.

    if marriage has nothing to do with being a survivor of sexual abuse, why did you beg him not to go through with his ordination and be with you?

    why were you devastated when he married someone else?

    why have you married four times?

    luxuria superbia acedia gula invidia ira avarice invidia ira invidia ira invidia ira...

    esther has no intention of recovering from her mental illness. she has no intention of caring for the real victims of clergy sexual abuse.

    esthers only intention is to destroy what she cannot have. by doing so, she destroys even more than she could ever imagine.

    how sad that she wastes her life and chance for happiness now. her poor family

    yes, his current wife is a victim also. marriage has nothing to do with being a survivor of a sexual crime.

    the seven million dollar question. would you still feel like a victim had mike married you instead?

    I hope you heal as well. It seems that my attempts to help anyone brings about so much anger, it in turn causes more pain. That is not my intention and I apologize for that. I guess I do not understand the magnitude of what any of you feel. I am not Catholic, Jewish, a therapist, or even a resident of CA. I'm just an average gal who thought she could help sweep up some of the clutter in the healing renovation process. I now see that is not the case. It's time for me to take another break from all of this, probably a permanent one. Since no one wants to see or hear the word "Peace", I'll just wish you all well.
    Cheers :-)

    this is steph and mike also abused me, i didn't get any money as i didn't want to go through that legal hell. i want other bloggers to know that mike did do sexual abuse and good for SNAP and VOTF who have brought attention to this terrible issue.

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