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    February 18, 2005


    Call SNAP tell them you want something to read and they can recommend something even if you don"t want to do group therapy

    confused/embarrassed girl

    I know. Any advice? Books? Group therapy isn't really my forte'.


    maui water slide gal '89

    You clearly are confused.


    I am so confused and disappointed. I wish I had never Googled his name. I'm done.

    hello dear person: yes please come to a SNAP meeting or contact SNAP as this is a self help group to help with your feelings of shame, blame, guilt and the like. you will come to much understanding about the "wrongness" of mike nocita's actions.


    I posted the SAP or SNAP question because I want to understand my part in this, not to collaborate in a lawsuit or file a police report. I met Mike when I was an adult and my experience with him was not like those I've read about. He was wonderful to me. Maybe describing the relationship as a "romantic friendship" was too strong. I don't know exactly how to describe it. What I do know, is that Catholic Priests are not supposed to go sightseeing, out to dinner with, or kiss a women. I just want to stop feeling guilty everytime I pass by a church. I thought maybe SNAP could help me do that.

    dear person who posted on January 12th - indeed call SNAP or an attorney. You also need to file a police report as there are new "nocita" victims coming forth who need your corroboration. Don't decide this alone, call Survivors Network of those Abused by Priest and other clergy ASAP.


    I recently discovered this site and it took time to read through everything. I'm trying to understand and make sense of it all. I don't consider myself a "victim" or "survivor" of Mike Nocita. Although the "romantic friendship" I had with him crossed boundaries set by the Catholic Church, it wasn't "abusive" or "dark". It was fun and enlightening. I felt like he really did care about me. He made more of an effort than most men do. He possessed so many great qualities. Brilliant, witty and kind. He was certainly gifted in helping lift one's spirits and self esteem. Just remembering "You know what I love about you?" put a little "spring in my step" during the tough times, too. Although it hurt for a while after it ended (he didn't even say good-bye) I still have fond memories of Mike Nocita. I'm not Catholic, in therapy, or anything like that. So, my question is: Am I just a Sap, or do I need to consult SNAP?

    98' lag iuam

    In paradise a long time ago, I was wined and dined and swept off my feet by Mike Nocita. I was not a teenage girl, just a naive young women learning about the world and seeking spirituality. I was not a Catholic then and never became one. I was not married at the time and still have never wed. Although my time with Mike was brief, he certainly influenced my faith in God and my trust in men. I don't blame Mike for the choices I have made in life, but it would be dishonest for me to say that he did not cause some pain and anguish in my life. To learn that he is happily married with children is something I always thought would happen. He hinted about those very things with me. Reading about his other indiscretions is quite disappointing to say the least. It takes time to heal the heart, mind and soul. Patience is a virtue. I hope those still hurting can find peace and happiness.

    The "good" catholic clergy themselves are too weak to be whistleblowers for to admit the truth they would have to unravel their idol worshipping ideology about Nocita and many other perps.

    At long last word is getting out that "The Church" is interested only in preserving itself, and will throw all to the wolves to maintain status quo. That includes covering up the rape, murder, molestation of children entrusted to their care. Corruption, especially at the top, has become total. And what of the "good" priests and nuns and lay workers at the bottom of the heap who are all too aware of this (and they are legion), yet do nothing? Would you be a whistleblower, only to find yourself out on the street without a job, retirement, references, disgraced?

    The supporters of clergy are sanctimoniously and self righteously blind....there will be more Nocitas, Bakers, Harrises, Tamayos, Scotts until...this insane, fascist, child raping, mind raping institution is destroyed!

    merry christmas to all the victims for surviving such a terrible ordeal.

    No amount of money will ever unravel the crime that Mike Nocita perpetrated on his victims.

    have y'all read and heard about Michael Stephen Baker's fate? I wonder if Michael Stephen Nocita is next? Let's stay tuned.

    why do idiots support perps - are they also so very blind?

    Mike, we support you and your family.

    so thankful for the clergy abuse suvivors who do so much with the little they have.

    mike knows who stephanie is.



    who is stephanie?

    Why not? Is Stephanie not hot?

    He won't give you the time of day Stephanie!

    why does not the "charasmatic" priest take a lie dectector test/polygraph and publish the results if he is innocent?

    Former Father Nocita is a criminal that was never put behind bars - but should be NOW.

    Was Esther ever hot? I seem to remember Fr. Mike always hanging with the hotties.

    Ester is enjoying every miserable moment that is plastered in the news.Don't fall for her manipulated ways. Remember she is employed with Snap, she gets paid to look pathetic.

    nocita owes a big, sincere apology to his victims.

    A photo of Esther and the priest she accuses:,1,

    the only victim is the one a catholic clergy abused. only mike and the victims know the TRUTH.

    I am disgusted by this site. So much information is incorrect. Mike is innocent of all that is said about him. He is a good individual who has done nothing but good for others. So much of his genuine kindness has been misinterpreted. If he was trying to make a "sucidal girl" feel self worth, and said that they were beautiful and worth living and he thought they were pretty, good, interesting or whatever to lift their dire mood than I applaude them. It is so sad that years later these particular girls now come forward and accuse him of behavior that is absolutly false. He should have left them to drown in their own misery. If anyone is suffering it is him. You disgust me and nothing you do or say will ever bring him down. Move on with your miserable unfulfilling lives.

    what does that mean? SOON. what is going to happen? I think everyone is in the dark as to what will happen next.

    no, lisa is not fine and neither is mike. only time will tell.......SOON.

    Lisa is just fine. Thank you for your concern.

    Mike only went after beautiful persons. Lisa is still a victim who needs help seeing the truth of who she married.

    J Putnam 1989 Alemany Graduate. Get a yearbook.
    He had an encounter with her in 1988. More than once.

    I won't ID myself...however make no mistake that I do know this family personally and I do feel very sorry for L, M & M. I am sure she is truly in love with her husband and went through a hell of a lot with her parents in order to have their acceptance to marry him. It makes me very sad that I know these allegations against him are true. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. She must be shattered inside if she knows what is going on, though I know that she doesn't confide into people about these issues Perhaps he has changed, but I doubt it.

    Everyone knows that his wife Lisa is a victim just like all the other nocita victims. They both need psychotheraphy. Bet you they don't have the courage to go.

    Excuse me, Oct.15th 10:50

    To the poster Oct. 13th 12:23

    I find it terrribly sad that you would identify his wife. At least the prior posts had enough courtesy to leave her out of this mess. I find it disturbing that you have met them, their families, children and still sold them out. WOW

    Funny you should mention English class - anybody recall ee cummings? Probably former father nocita and his victims do...hmmmm?

    The person who wrote the last post must not have received an A in their high school English class!

    Go ahead and give the proof. Who did he try to have relations with and why did she never complain? How on earth would you have met their families considering you were not a friend rather someone with an agenda. I have no respect for you exposing this wonderful family. Printing his wife's name ect. If you are trying to say something, well say it stop beating around the bush, and while you are at it identify yourself so we can warn the Nocita's to stay as far away from you as possible.

    I know who they are. He was my principal at Alemany, which is where his wife went. She was on the track team and that is how they met. Now, I don't think they actually got together until she was at CSUN. She is 20+ yrs younger than he and was s student at Alemany when he was the principal there.
    This is a FACT and I have met both of their boys as well as while I am not a "friend" of theirs per se, I do know them and have been inside their lovely home in Granada Hills.
    I would love to know what you think I am saying that is "inaccurate", as I can give you all the proof you need that I am telling the truth. He did try to have relations with my friend in high school, prior to getting involved with LG, back in 1988.

    Sadly, Nocita left a trail of unbelievable acts behind but one day they will all catch up with him.

    I am very interested who wrote the last post. Are you friends of the Nocita's or not? Some of your facts are not accurate and should not be believed. It sounds as if you are trying to make yourself out to be in the " Know" and sadly, you are mistaken.

    Especially considering how he met his wife in the first place...HELLO...she was a student when he was principal too and he was her track coach. How on earth would a priest make that jump to being "in love" with a student...I KNOW Lisa wasn't his first young girl

    I know that he made advances with a girl who was a friend of mine at Alemany High school in 1988 when he was principal there. I thought it was absurd at the time, guess I was a naive 16 year old myself. Funny how years later, when I know his wife and kids, I have no doubt that Mike did do what all accuse him of.

    criminals - that's what these pedophiles are - criminals

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