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    March 27, 2005


    Evil Alchemist

    I suffered from Peepaholism for a long time, until the company realized it was missing out on Halloween, Christmas, et. al for no reason and rolled out the Pumpkin Peeps, Christmas Tree Peeps, and other bastardized heresies that I regrettably partook in. Eventually, peeps were no longer a special seasonal treat to be looked forward to and there were stacks of Peeps sitting on top of my fridge. Sad.

    I have sworn off the new-fangled disgraces and redoubled my commitment to Easter Peeps, yellow chick form only. Hopefully I can return to the true faith with my old fervor sometime soon.


    Nah, everyone knows Peeps are best when they're stale Poke holes in the plastic, let 'em sit for three months. Then they're good eating.

    Although this guy, who ate fifty Peeps in an hour, may disagree.

    Retro Girl

    Since I was a librarian for almost 20 years, this is by far my favorite Peep site:

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