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    March 10, 2005


    Retro Girl

    I've been sick the last week, so missed any updates and remodeling, but I like the red I'm seeing now. It's very nice.

    Cranky Greg

    Cranky Greg likes the new look! Fresno State colors!!!!


    I too like the ability to redesign a page every so often. I happen to like the san serif type fonts better--they are easier to read on the screen. The Verdana works well. You could also tint the background slightly so the contrast between type and background is not so harsh. On my site I've left the background white but made the type dark gray, but I'm thinking about tinting the background very slightly, and making the type black again. It's great to have the freedom to do what you like, but readership comfort is important.

    Frank C

    I agree. I have to squint.


    i can understand you being tired of the same old-same old, but as one who frequents your page, i have to say -- it ain't working for me. lots of too small print. a little overwhelming. and 'yellow'??? it's underwhelming. and you are too good for that.

    just my 2 cents -- you did ask for it.
    reporting from chilly beijing

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