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    March 14, 2005



    I think those of you who judge Michael should be very careful. You weren't there, you didn't walk in his shoes, you do not know what happened. Did you know that Michael actually became a registered nurse over the years of working to rehabilitate Terry? Check out the timing of the rift between Michael and Terri's parents, it happened after he won the lawsuit and they didn't get any money. That's the truth. Also, her parents testified in court that he was a great son-in-law and that they could not ask for one better. There are many cruel people who want to make a villian out of Michael so that then they can blame someone. Just like in the movies, it's easy to make someone the bad guy. The truth is that something bad happened to this woman and her brain was deprived of oxygen and she never recovered. Everyone should mind their own business and stop judging. Why not direct that energy to something worthwhile, like making a living will for yourself and your family members? If all those people villifying Michael would direct the misplaced hatred, which is not very Christian, toward something positive and loving we'd all be living in a better world.

    She is now free of her prison in her body and I'm confident she's happy in heaven.


    I urge you to explore the website
    This a true account of actual testimony of Michael Shiavo as reported in various court hearings held. Absolutely shocking and appalling that these records are public knowledge and still he prevails. What kind of insanity is this.

    And as far as Judge Greer is concerned here is a website which reveals his complicity.

    Retro Girl

    To True Conservative: No--I don't miss the point at all; in fact I understand it quite well. The trouble is that this is a blog, not a political forum. I'm not about to state every fact, everything I think and believe as well as all the issues in someone's blog. If you want to debate fine; I'm on it. But not here. link to you? Isn't that convenient?


    Who knows what Terry would have wanted? We all have strong opinions, which really reflect what we subjectively feel about our own existences.

    Many believe they wouldn't want to live that way, but, as having worked in Critical Care for 15 years, I have found that approximately 60% of those with Living Wills modify those terms, when faced with the reality of actually dying.

    Then life becomes exponentially more valuable and even when your own personal comfort is a consideration, if you're disabled, or suffering in pain, those like Christopher Reeves find meaning in the love of their families.

    Chris Reeves absolutely wanted them to pull the plug, initially, and fought with his wife and caretakers, until his young son came to him and told him that while it was his choice, please live for him. It was that child who made Chris's decision to live.

    Terry absolutely lights up when her mom is in her proximity. We can see that in the video snips. Michael's propagandists claim that these are unconscious movements, but, I know what I see, and if you look at them HONESTLY, it's easy to recognize the recognition and then smile.

    Sure Terry is profoundly brain damaged, but, the degree is not known. Maybe she is in the PVS that the judges believe, although they do not seem open to revisit the other opinions contrary to what they want to rule.

    HOwever, without a Living Will, how can our society starve and dehydrate to death a helpless woman? How do we know if it is painless like the George Felos propagandist's state? Who is there to tell them after they're dead how painful it is? They starve to death people who cannot communicate, but, that doesn't mean they aren't suffering on some primary level.

    Michael Schiavo has a dubious past, and an even more dubious agenda. While there's hyperbole on both sides, including the Shindler's and their supporters, this article with an interview with Terry's parents is very interesting, if the facts are correct:

    In it, Michael never held a regular job, lived with Terry, and the Schindler's literally supporting him, and he was controlling, mean-spirited, and always was a man with a mysterious agenda.

    Sure he provided aggressive therapy for Terry, initially, but, he was ALSO BUILDING A LAWSUIT. He had to prove how expensive this therapy was, to ask for the 30 million, he initially was suing for. After the final settlement was reached, he changed dramatically. The first thing that went was the rehabilitation that was provided for in the lawsuit.

    Then, he moved his girlfriend in with him, and put both of Terry's adored cats to SLEEP! They were healthy cats.

    After that, he sought what he has finally succeeded getting, an end to Terry's life.

    He has had several children with another woman, his mistress, whom he has shamelessly not provided with a legal marriage because he would not relinquish control of Terry.

    Every caregiver and nurse of Terry's testify to how controlling, manaically demanding and evil Michael was. Several believed he was actually trying to harm her, and he exclaimed, "WHEN WILL THE B*I*T*C*H* DIE!"

    WHy is this man allowed to speak for Terry? It took SEVEN YEARS, and over a million dollars in his sweaty, greedy hand, BEFORE he "recalled" how Terry wanted not to be kept alive.
    During the trial for the malpractice case, he denied knowing if Terry wanted to live or die. Of course, if the court believed he was going to euthanize her, they wouldn't have awarded him that sum of money to rehabilitate her.

    Everyone has their right to view this case differently, since there are so many ways to look at it, and none of us know what Terry wanted, or what her cognitive state truly is.

    I think it's loathsome how that man offered a quarter million dollars for michael's death, as well. However, that being said, it would not displease me if that evil man chokes to death on his Easter Sunday dinner, while his wife breathes her last breaths, tongue swollen from thirst, body poisoned from toxins.

    I do not want any mortal to kill this man. It is not for me, or anyone else to exact vengeance. Vengeance is the Lords, and I pray that if he truly did this to Terry, in the first place, as alleged, and if he is as evil as he looks, that he would also die a slow, and excruciatingly painful death of cancer of the throat, and that he lingers painfully clinging to every second of his time left on Earth. For he should really be in no hurry to meet HIS MAKER. If he thinks he got away with putting his wife to death in the most barbaric way imaginable, I hope he realizes how he may burn in Hell forever, as he truly, truly deserves.

    No one is more evil than this despicable man, in my mind. He is truly more wicked and demonic than Scott Peterson or any common wife-killer, because of his ingenius plan to devise a way to not only do it legally, but, have the State do it for him. He is worse than Hitler. His actions could open up a door to where all the disabled are deemed expendable, useless, expensive, and besides...

    From there, it isn't a stretch to what happened in Nazi Germany when all the disabled were the pilot subjects for their extermination plans.

    True Conservative

    Retro Girl's post misses the point: it's neither the Schindlers' nor Michael Schiavo's preference that matters, what matters is what would Terri have wanted. Now I admit that I have not read the medical reports and transcripts from 7 years of court fights in this case, but when 17 judges who have done so all support Michael Schiavo's decision, you've got to think that maybe there IS enough evidence to support his position. (Vast conspiracy theorists need not respond.) The Schindlers have been fighting him vigorously for these past 7 years and have had plenty of chances to present their ideas about what Terri would have wanted, but they have not been able to convince a single judge. Doesn't that suggest that maybe they don't really have much of a case? Poor Michael Schiavo; how easy it would have been for him to divorce Terri, walk away from this whole mess, and abandon her to the Schindlers back in 1998 (or at any time since then). The money that he got for the malparactice award has all been spent on medical care and legal bills. In light of what he's been through and continues to go through, I have to give him the benefit of the doubt that he believes he's acting to carry out her wishes.


    Dittoes to what Retro Girl says...

    What does Michael's girlfriend think of Michael wanting his wife dead? Doesn't she wonder whats gonna happen when it is her turn?

    Retro Girl

    You know, the whole thing bothers me greatly. I don't understand why he doesn't just give her parents full control of everything and go on with his life. If it was all about the money, I would think he would take up an offer and if it's not about the money but her wishes, then what really is 'life support' anyway? Is a feeding tube life support? I don't think so. Isn't she breathing on her own and responding to things in ways she can? If she's breathing on her own, then technically she's not on life support.

    Personally, I think he should walk away, go on with his life and let her parents care for her, love her and be with her for as long as they can.

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