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    April 07, 2005



    Unbelievable. Definitely time to switch. Maybe a credit union would be a bit more "user friendly?"

    Retro Girl

    Banks are evil.

    A few years ago after my husbands' mother passed away, he received quite a large inheritance and made the deposit into his bank account. While they easily accepted the deposit, trying to withdraw funds as needed was a different matter entirely. In fact, it was absolutely ridiculous, especially since he had an account with this same bank for quite a number of years. New managers, mergers and a high rate of overturned employees made even the simplest of tasks seem impossible.

    We switched to a credit union in 2001 and haven't regretted it. All the tellers know us-and my kids!-by first AND last names and greet us immediately, easily transfer funds for us from one account to another over the telephone (gasp!) and seem to know before we walk in that we're arriving.

    It really is all about customer service.

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