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    April 12, 2005



    I was obviously consumed with those memories than proof reading.


    Rocks, rocks failing, failing from rocks are not the only dangerous things in Yosemite. Trees can pose hazards too, especially when 100 year old pines find themselves in the middle of parking lots. Evidenly when this happens, the pavement does not allow the tree roots the breath, drink, and do what an otherwise "healthy" tree would do. I guess this leads to damaging the tree. And damaged trees sometimes fall.

    From personel experience when trees fall, at least in Yosemite, they make noise. The noise sounds something like a seven car pile-up without tire scretching. To my amazement nobody was injured by the tree and I went back to the open meadow to finish my lunch and be thankful it wasn't my vehicle. That was two days after my 20th birthday. Thanks.

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