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    May 02, 2005


    Phillip Torres

    Does anyone know of a place where you can read the great Alan Malamud's column "Notes on a Scorecard"?
    Thank you!

    Retro Girl

    See Lex...Brittney's got good taste and she certainly knows a good blog when she reads one! As for my blog, I doubt my newest post on Sea Monkey's and Mold-A-Rama is worth linking to; just retro fodder for the soul.


    First of all, I should apologize outright for my oversight. I see you so often in my referrer links that I assumed you were on the blogroll as well. I suck. I've said so before.

    You are there now, of course, and so are you Retro Girl. Because I like to add blogs that matter.

    And I think I'll refrain from thinking about my job in such huge, broad terms and focus on tomorrow's content and how to gate using my new badge. I can deal with the philosophy later.

    But ya'll go right ahead.
    Oh, and new rule. [Don't shoot the messenger.]


    That may all turn out to be true, Billy, but I still think everyone is getting too excited, too soon. That, and I think Brittney would have cracked the MSM a lot sooner had she taken a more conventional path. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

    Billy The Blogging Poet

    You make the argument that there are plenty of paid bloggers out there already and to that point you are correct, but you fail to realize the depth of the issue. You see: when MSM companies start hiring bloggers out of the Blogosphere instead of repositioning someone who was already a paid member of their news staff then it proves once and for all that Bloggers can, have, and will continue to change the way the MSM does their business and that is the biggest change since the invention of the printing press.

    Perhaps YOU do not yet understand how powerful blogging has allowed YOU to become. Why YOU come to understand how powerful YOU really are then you'll come to understand my point.

    PS. And thanks for the link! ;-)

    PPS. I'll be adding your blog to my hundreds of outbound links, probably on my "Long Waves" page.

    Retro Girl

    She may link to almost every blog in the country but she doesn't link to the ones that matter. :)

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