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    May 12, 2005



    1. Take in a show (but try to avoid eating near the theaters)--if you must, allow me to recommend Churrascaria Plataforma, one of my favorite Brazillian places in the city. The restaurant's 'gimmick,' which is genius, is surpassed only by its cuisine. You get a disc, red on one side, green on another. Swashbuckling waiter types roam the restaurant with all sorts of meat delicacies on skewers and if you're on green, they'll approach and ask if you want (sausage, tons of great beef sliced things, etc., etc.). Great place to eat.

    2. See Central Park, I think the food is middling but the Rainbow Room is an institution and has the best view of the park to be had while dining)

    3. If your kids want to see some relatively sanitized New York weirdos/city types check out union square on a nice afternoon.

    4. Go to ground zero for 15 minutes (there's not much going on), but don't buy anything from the asian vampire women selling the coloring books with titles like "TRAGEDY" and "DISASTER" that show gruesome photos of americans jumping to their deaths. I sometimes accidentally kick the leg out from under their table when I walk from my building to the subway.

    5. If you are a fan of great steak, take a trip to Williamsburgh and eat in Peter Luger's. Get the bacon as an appetizer also, unbelievable. They also have great sundaes. I ate all those things yesterday.

    6. Take in a ball game at the true Mecca of baseball, Yankee Stadium.

    7. Go to the top of the Empire State Building, if you see Meg Ryan, throw her over the railing like Darth did the Emperor and say "This plastic surgery madness must end!"

    Retro Girl

    Try to take a dinner cruise (I've never been to NYC but I hear the dinner cruises are beautiful). By the way, I lived in Virginia Beach for 4 years, but I never made it to New York.

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