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    May 04, 2005


    lex icon

    My point exactly. The real racists are the ones who call the normal people racist.

    Explain to me how it is "racist" to criticize someone who is openly and blatantly racist with slogans like “Por La Raza Todo, Fuera de La Raza Nada?” You can't. Plug the word "white" into that sentence. If white people had a group that proclaimed “Everything for the white race, everything outside the white race, nothing,” no one would hesitate to label that racist. But asshat ashabaraa thinks it is "racist."

    Here is my impression of ashabaraa at an NAACP rally against the KKK.

    Black speaker: "We believe that the Klansmen who lynched innocent blacks in Alabama were wicked evil racists."

    ashabaraa: "No, man, YOU'RE the racist."

    I'am your father

    You are a racist

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