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    July 23, 2005


    not fake

    That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

    im bored

    mexico is dirty, united states is fat, britain has bad teeth, poland is dumb, china eats dogs. nuff said

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    I don't think so that Regular Mexico is not a tidy place or shall I say a dirty place than the New Mexico. Every country implement their own regulations to help prevent the unnecessary mess on their place; also they have the assigned persons to maintain the cleanliness of their country.

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    Your articles and photos are really shock me. The pen can be a weapon! You are a talented writer with a pen, and maybe you will be

    a great politician with the power given from citizens.

    lex icon

    No, I admit it, dude. Mexico is superior. That is why you see so many New Yorkers sneaking across the border to the south to pick cilantro and bus tables in Juarez. It's becoming embarrassing, actually.

    First, it's I'm your father, not I'am your father.
    Learn how to use the english language you fuckin' moron!! I guess ESL failed another idiot!! Additionally, "like if" is another great example of the proper use of the english language. Please, fuck yourself in the ass.

    I'am your father

    Fuck you, like if your fucking country was fucking neat, i went to new york and its fucking disgusting. And you can't compare a pic that was take from the sky, from one that is all moved up and it really doesn't show anything, there's just a bunch of cars.

    some beaner's mama


    Tina B.

    This is just crazy.

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