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    August 14, 2005


    Jack Mormon

    Funny My Father and Mother and Aunts and Uncles and My Ward Members, Myself and My wife and about 1000 other people I have known and talked to have ready ALL of the scriptures Bible, Old and New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Convenants. ALL LDS and Bible scripture and none of us have ever left the church. So until you can say for sure that anyone you met had never read all of the scriptures you can't make such a remark.

    Jack Mormon

    Those ideas concerning the Mormon church come from LDS scripture. The whole time I was LDS, I never met anyone who had actually read all of the scriptures cover to cover. If they had, they would have all left at age 18 like I did.

    Random Person

    I am unsure where you got some of those ideas concerning the mormon church but you might want to try this link....


    > and how Jesus wasn't conceived immaculately, but that God the Father came down and has sex with Mary.

    I've heard that before, and it didn't really make sense. I thought the Immaculate Conception -was- Mary being impregnated by God, and that's why Jesus was both God and man.

    I mean, yeah, our stories don't have God becoming a person and getting it on with a shepherd girl (that was more for Jove than Yahweh) but in the end it seems to be about the same thing.

    The temple sounds interesting. Shame re: no pictures, though.

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