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    October 19, 2005



    Strangely it is not that surprising that a teacher would think that scores and scores could amount to a large number. I work in purchasing for a school district and not a day goes by where for one reason or another a teacher can't figure out how a budget was exceeded or why spending $550.00 is $50 over their limit of $500. It gets even worse when you give them a book budget and they have to make a decision on what to buy within a limit.


    The only thing that worries me about something like that is if politics get involved--some kind of political screening for candidates.

    But that just seems like nonsense; even in a small state, there are just too many teachers for that to work.

    I work for the UW. (I'm not a professor, just a professional staff member.) There are two types of full-time non-teaching staff: professional and classified. Professional staff have no contracts; they have at-will employment, like the rest of the private sector. Classified staff, after a 90-day probational period, have guaranteed employment.

    It's amazing to compare the productivity between professional staff members and classified staff members, as a whole. We have to compete to keep our employment and, as a result, we're usually the ones who get offended by the stereotype of "work for the state, and nothing's required of you for the rest of your life".

    I guess that's a long, rambly way of saying that, were I in California, I'd probably vote for the proposition. (I don't know the full details to guarantee, but I think trying to get rid of a teacher who doesn't know what a 'score' is is a good thing.)

    a teacher

    I doubt that any real teacher is that stupid. It was just somebody who wanted to be on the air.

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