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    October 05, 2005



    I loved Napoleon and only because I didn't have to think about the plot at all. Besides, ya gotta love Kip and LaFawnda.

    White Castle was a blast--loved it.

    Didn't see Big Fish but agree with your reviews on the other two.

    And no...You couldn't get me to sit through The English Patient either, not unless I was in a straight jacket and propped up.

    Evil Alchemist

    You are dead wrong on Napoleon Dynamite. Agree re: 2 kinds of Nap Dynamite viewers but think it's better described as (i) those who laugh at lameness and (ii) those who find lameness annoying. Napoleon, Kip, Uncle Rico, and Pedro are certainly lame, but they're captivating.

    Cranky Greg

    Cranky Agrees on Anchorman. Horrible!
    But the White Castle movie had Cranky laughing! Seen it twice!

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