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    November 27, 2005


    carpet cleaning mesa

    Wow! They played all my favorites!

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    I wish I could be there, too, regardless of what they are playing....

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    I would really love to hear Lillian in concert tomorrow night.


    what about blasphamous rumours ? get the balance right ? people r people? strangelove ?Leave In Silence? the all gratest hits...

    Eri y Vir

    ey! q pacho con temazos como freelove, it´s no good, when the body speaks!?!?! como no estan en el setlist!?!?! bueno, al menos tendremos la dicha de verlos el 7 en monterrey...


    Damn....i can't see See You. At least i have the luck to see them :)


    What about DREAM ON, LILIAN, DEAD OF NIGHT, IN YOUR ROOM, FREELOVE...there are so many.

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