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    November 10, 2005


    lex icon

    You see Reid, there was nothing to worry about...


    Ha, USC more than covered.

    I love that my first thought, when looking at the score, was "...*only* 35?"

    lex icon

    Ha. Okie State may get 50 hung on them, but if Tech gives up four touchdowns, they don't beat the spread. But Fresno State did well against Boise State. I thought they would win by a touchdown at the most. Still, a 20 point win over a team barely better than Hawaii doesn't exactly mean the Bulldogs are going to win at the Coliseum. And if you are still going, Cranky, email me.

    Reid, here's my thinking on USC-Cal:

    At Oregon, USC beat Oregon by 32, and Oregon beat Cal by 7.
    At Cal, Cal lost to Oregon State, which is 3-4 against other Div. 1-A opponents.

    Cal is 3-3 in conference play, giving up 25 ppg. USC is 6-0 in conference and scoring 47 ppg while giving up less 20 ppg, barely more than half of which were given up by the first team defense. Cal is not as good as Arizona State or Oregon, and USC beat Oregon and Arizona State on the road before those teams lost their starting QBs, with an average margin of victory of 21 points.

    My predicted score: USC 42 Cal 17

    Cranky Greg

    You bet against Fresno State?
    You will learn a hard lesson in 10 days, Mr. Lex Icon.
    Also, you gave Okie State the points?
    Texas Tech will hang at least 50 on them.



    I am going to go ahead and say that you are insane by taking USC by 18.5 against Cal at home.

    I am sure you will laugh at me a couple days from now and say... "You see Reid, there was nothing to worry about..." But still, I think you are crazy, Mr Icon.

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