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    November 20, 2005



    That last comment is incorrect. You don't have to have had all 3 teams not play each other. You just need to have not had all three teams play each other, e.g., this year, when USC played Oregon and USC played UCLA, but UCLA did not play Oregon. Those head to heads do not count until you whittle the tie down to two teams.

    Thus, had UCLA lost to Oregon State, but won all other games, then the three losses would have been USC to UCLA (which did not play Oregon), UCLA to Oregon State (which did not play USC) and Oregon to USC, which did not play Oregon State). All of the teams that played USC, UCLA and Oregon would have been 0-3 against that field and the next tiebreaker would have been BCS rankings. If all teams were 10-1 or 11-1, they would all be ranked and almost certainly not tied.

    But in strange years where the tie continues and no one is BCS ranked (I can't really imagine that scenario, since at least one conference team would be listed in the BCS rankings, which go down the list until all BCS conferences have at least one team ranked) the tie goes to the team that went to the Rose Bowl/BCS Bowl longest ago.

    blah blah blah

    getting to the 10th place team in the 3 team tie scenario where all 3 did not play each other and still being tied would be impossible. Since you can only miss 1 team each year it is guaranteed that 2 of the 3 top 3 teams would have played each other, thus accounting for the 1 loss for 2 of those teams(assuming the 3 was tie is of 1 loss teams). Therefore the 3rd team MUST have a loss to one of the other conference teams while the remaining 2 have not.

    Bruins in Ruins

    That's funny. That means UCLA loses out because it lost to Arizona, rather than Oregon State. What's the next tiebreaker if you get to Washington and still have a 3 way tie?

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