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    December 15, 2005


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    Lando, in addition to not knowing how to spell bogus, you clearly don't know how to click on the link and find out the truth. CBS, which has previously admitted running false stories to discredit George Bush, has published that report which disproves your comments. If you have sources with credible evidence to support your claims, back them up now.

    The truth, which I have known for months because of what I heard from my friends and cousins in Mississippi, has finally been exposed by the actual data. Media interest was the only part of the Katrina response in which race played a role. Anecdotes about black victims of the hurricane were much more compelling than stories about "poor white trash" dying in the streets of New Orleans. The news media exists to sell advertising; and advertising income is based upon ratings. Therefore, the more interesting anecdotes get the airplay.

    As for classism, there is no such thing in this country. There is no class system. The so-called upper class has people moving in and out of it constantly. People with money get benefits that poor people never see, but that is not "classism," it is capitalism, and our nation was founded upon it. The contrary system, communism, was tried and it failed.

    And the post was simply a brief political parody. I am no fan of George W. Bush.


    The overwhelming majority of people affected and displaced by Katrina are black not white. So the lack of a response and those displaced without homes, food, shelter were African-American. This post was a bougus attempt to look at this Pres. and the regime in office as more than what they are or to take credence away from the claims of classism and racism in this country.

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