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    December 21, 2005


    lex icon

    Unthinking? Simply because you have a simplistic definition to recite that you don't actually understand?

    Fraud is a tort. Whether there is a contract claim pled with it or not, fraud is a tort. No matter what you read in any publication, whether you understand it or not, a person who pleads fraud has alleged a tort.

    Lott alleged a tort based upon a simple contractual dispute. It's precisely the sort of bullshit tort that Lott would try to shut down if it was any other citizen pursuing.

    Your retort is in error. Next time, why don't you identify yourself so we can all make fun of you as you talk about things you do not understand?

    Perhaps the person who wrote this unthinking op-ed should go back to school and get some "edumacation".

    tort ( P ) Pronunciation Key (tôrt)
    n. Law
    Damage, injury, or a wrongful act done willfully, negligently, or in circumstances involving strict liability, but not involving breach of contract, for which a civil suit can be brought.


    You know what else, this is just like the contract rights that Trent Lott opposes giving people to let them sue their HMOs for refusing to cover medical treatments. That's not a tort either, but it is part of Lott's tort reform crusade against individuals who want the courts to protect them against big companies.

    Cranky Greg

    Exposer of the Truth is an Exposed Dumb Ass. He was probably one of the know-it-alls in law school that would never stop talking.

    In grade school, kids probably lined up to kick his ass.

    Now, in the courtroom, lawyers are probably lining up and kicking his ass.

    If he ever goes near a courtroom.

    lex icon

    The facts are straight, you anonymous and ignorant coward. Read the complaint for yourself. The last cause of action is one for fraud. Fraud is a tort.

    In fact, this complaint is a poster child for bogus tort reform. You take an apparently absurd concept, such as "high water isn't a flood if it came from the sea," and add tort claims like fraud to a so-called simple contractual dispute and **boom** you've got yourself a frivolous lawsuit to mock.

    Disregard, of course, the possibility that the lawsuit has merit, since Lott gives little credit to such lawsuits when he speaks on Capitol Hill. If the sound bite sounds frivolous, overreaching or harmful to business, Trent Lott will rage against it. Unless it's his fortune that was ruined by the wrongdoing of another....

    To sum up:

    1. Fraud is a tort. Tort reform targets lawsuits like Trent Lott's. Hence,

    2. Lott is a hypocrite, and

    3. Lex knows his shit, while the anonymous poster does not.

    Any further questions?

    exposer of the truth

    Lott supports tort reform. As you may (or may not) have learned in law school, torts and contracts are not the same thing. Lott has sued on his insurance policy, which is a contract. Tort reform would have nothing to do with this. Get your facts straight next time.

    Cranky Greg

    Trent Lott is just another stupid politician. Another Repub hypocrite who says one thing and does another.


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