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    February 11, 2006


    I think the guy was not joking. When he told people to go to the White House web site to make sure he hadn't photoshopped anything, he tipped his hand. It was no joke. He wasn't being sarcastic. This guy just didn't understand what the reference meant.

    your worst nightmare is my dream come true

    dear conspiracy theorists,

    who the hell can think up of something, like a conspiracy theory, when there are so many things to consume, so much variety in the news, and an education system that teaches children how to memorize, i mean think.... . it is not a theory anymore, it's real.... you can discover this too by; connecting the dots, knowing a bit of history, and using some deductive reasoning. take a good look around your world and notice all of the educated buggers surrounding you.....does it inspire you to make the world a better place? survey says!?!?!?!?!?! good luck to you.

    the man who got fed up of corporations advertising about how much good they're doing for the world.........of advertising. do you believe them?

    I think the guy was joking.

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