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    February 03, 2006


    The fundamental philosophy behind the American notion of free speech is that offensive or foolish speech should not be banned. Instead, such speech should be met with more speech. That is what Mr. Lex Icon has done here. He is not against free speech. He does not call for her imprisonment. He is using his speech to counter the speech of the lady with the sign. Ridiculing her is a perfect example of free speech at work.

    lex icon

    We protect free speech. But stupid speech is fair game for mockery. That is why your silly little comments are still on this blog, and why I am about to poke fun at them. First, who are the "you" in your comment? Those cartoons were drawn in Denmark, and most of the U.S. newspapers wouldn't run them. Second, speech had exactly zero to do with wars in other countries. Third, a blogger making fun of some ignorant idiot who thinks that a cartoon making a political point is the moral equivalent of blowing up schoolchildren on purpose is not a government act of suppressing speech. Fourth, there are damn few better reasons to go to war than to gain control of an asset like petroleum. And finally, let me just add that I dig the fact that this burns your ass.

    I'am your father

    You don't just draw cartoons, you also trow wars "in the name of free speech" you go invade countrys and steal their oil so you can keep your imperialism.

    And your country has been doing some nasty things to keep many countries in your country's control, so yah you protect free speech.. as long as it is nothing against the usa.

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