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    March 09, 2006


    Cindy Gate

    Is anyone still looking for Rudy by Talk Back? Email this guy -- he's got it. I just received it from him and I have been searching for it since Pretty In Pink -- yeah, a little more than a couple of decades.

    Good luck! Tell this guy cindygate sent you!



    What link? This song is all my dad wants for his birthday tomorrow. Help?



    Was hoping to find a place to download/purchase 'Rudy' and possibly the track 'Dig' I've been hearing a lot about. Been looking for Rudy for ages. I'm sure you're sick of this request, but thanks a ton in advance. A fan from Milwaukee, Kevin.

    Erin Milligan-Hill

    To: Bruno Coon
    I have always been a HUGE fan of Talk Back from a few years ago -- the pairing of Bruno and David Sutton produced some of the most amazing music, lyrics and social message that I've ever heard. I relocated from the creativity of Austin City Limits, with a passion for reggae and world beat, to S. Cal., the Belly Up Tavern and finding Talk Back. My husband and I miss your band and talent!

    We have a copy of "Stigma," the only CD release that I know of from Talk Back. PLEASE let me know if you have any other soundtracks from Talk Back or even a current band. Come back and see us at the B.U.T. in Solana Beach!!

    Maestra P

    I too am a hardcore fan of "Rudy" but when I went to Bruno's myspace link, I found the song but was unable to download it.
    :( Can anyone give me a tip?

    Blaire porter

    I have been searching for the song rudy also, found this site, but I do not see any links to find the song. could anyone hellp me? Im dying for this song!

    lex icon

    Follow the link on Bruno Coon's comment and you can find a version of Rudy at his website. You rock, Bruno!

    Paul G

    Have been looking for the RUDY single since pretty much 1986 when I first heard it in Pretty in Pink with no luck. If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it greatly.

    lex icon

    Your link was all I needed, Bruno. I now have an mp3 of Rudy. Outstanding. Thanks. I will check back from time to time at your myspace page and try to catch a future show. Behold! The power of the blog. How else could I have ever found that song?

    bruno coon

    Hi, I am Bruno Coon how can I help?

    Jonny R.

    Bruno Coon apearently plays in a band that sometimes performes at the Temple Bar in Santa Monica. Check them out. He was another site saying that he had another version of the song on cassette but did not have the song that aired in the movie. Some guy was chatting with him to get a copy of "Rudy".

    Hope this helps!!!

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