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    March 28, 2006



    Kaiser indeed suck ass! Im pregnant with my 2nd. From the beginning of my prenatal visit is been disappointing. My first visit based on the crappy ultrasound they used my baby is small so they have to changed my due date and not follow my first date of my last period. I requested a ultrasound to see my baby's gender around 20 weeks. 1.) they didnt let me see the gender 2.) i have to asked/tell them that i wanna see the gender 3.) i have to wait for doctors approval to find out my babys gender! I mean really?!!!! Im now 34weeks and 2 days. Still havent seen my babys gender with my own eyes. With my first pregnancy i had picture with my son's gender. Kaiser told me i cannot see and have a picture!!!. I requested 2nd ultrasound to see how big my baby is since my doctor kept telling me his big, but they would not give me permission to have another ultrasound!


    Kaiser will not treat my constant back pain except with pills and classes on what YOU ARE DOING WRONG. They won't do an MRI to properly diagnose the problem. This is the actual response they gave me "MRIs are not used for diagnosis. They are used for pre-op only. May people your age have arthritis in the back " (note: this is from an INJURY, I have NO arthritis)


    Funny 'Kaiser sucks' kinda post:

    john lee

    kaiser sucks @ss. They don't want to treat me. They want me to go back as many times as they want. I have to pay the freaking co-pay. What is the use of paying for co-pay if they are not going to treat me. Kaiser will not treat you. They want to see you pay for the co-pay and get the hell out.

    lex icon

    My heart goes out to you.

    idiot kaisers killed my dad. he came to them two days prior to his death complaining about pain in his chest...they didn't even bother to check his lungs EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE part of the chest area. instead they ran some stupid tests on his heart. He was feeling very weak but they still put him on the treadmil ( STRESS test) ... whithin a minute he collapsed and died a momentarily death. my dad died from pulminory embolism ( he had a blood clot in his lung) he was the most amazing person everyone had known...believe me. just thinking that he could be still alive if they would only listen to his pain complaints and look at the symtoms carefully...even if we will try to sue them...we won't have him back


    Kaiser was instrumental in saving my dad's life. He nearly had a heart attack while in the mountains. But still, he needed triple bypass surgery fast. He was airlifted to a wonderful hospital in a nearby city (100 miles away) and had the surgery the next day.

    My parents have both had great service with Kaiser, but the key with them is you have to stand your ground and push for what you need/want.


    Kaiser Permanente has screwed me for the second time in my life. The first cost me $3000 and the second cost me $1500 and we aren't even members!

    We tried to sign up as a family of 5 and they approved the kids only, now they are saying we owe money even though we cancelled immediately.

    Kaiser can suck my @#%!


    Kaiser is just awful. I am so upset. My father who is 76 years old and in stage 3 emphysema/copd made an appt because his breathing had all of the sudden gotten even worse. He could not walk 2 or 3 steps without gasping for breath. He made an appt for thurs on a wed, thursday came and they called him that morning and said that they were going to have to move his appt. until monday (the following week!) he had to explain to them yet again how he couldn't breathe so then they said we will call you back and see what they can do...they eventually did call him back and reinstated his appt. but changed the time to much later in the day and all the while he is waiting and upset and scared not knowing if the doctor will see him which only makes his copd worse. They really dont seem to care about the patients. They also mess up his prescriptions all the time!!! Kaiser really scares me and makes me worried for the care that my father is receiving.


    I have had shoulder problems for nearly a year and I asked for an MRI. I was told no and I would have to go to physical therapy. I have been under a chiropractors care for three years and he even agrees that I need an MRI. So I am currently going back and forth with the complaint department. They told me that a chiropractor is not a doctor and I told them that neither are your phisical therapists. I do not trust Kaiser and I hope to get rid of them soon. I had them for seven years prior to my last job. Until I was laid off I had good insurance. Kaiser never did nothing for me. I finaly got help with my health issues when I had better insurance.

    Mike Barkley

    Kaiser killed my wife, too. See .


    What is it an unsound diagnosis?

    When it is coming from the appointment setter @ Kaiser

    don robison

    Its terrible if you stay at kaiser too! My wife just had a c-section. She was in intense pain and imobile for a week, but they made her nurse or baby.


    almost killed my mother

    gave me an unnecessary surgery
    told me i had cancer-i dont, never did

    would not treat my boyfriend for an std because "men dont usually get that one"

    told my friends their unborn baby had congenital defects-she doesnt

    i had to beg and plead for a cholesterol check

    these are only right off the top of my head.

    im getting angry again so ill stop now.


    Last July I was in an accident and the ambulance took me to Glendale Memorial. I stayed one night in emergency and the doctor wanted to release me. They sent me to Kaiser and they found a spinal contusion, admitted me for three days and had a team of neurologists working on me. Excellent care. I guess it's hit and miss with HMOs.

    Cranky Greg

    Kaiser indeed sucks. They want you out ASAP. If one of their docs screws up, the rest cover-up for it.

    My condolences.

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