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    March 08, 2006


    lex icon

    Well, it wasn't all true, as I suspected. The bullshit detector was beeping pretty loud when I read that story. Its nice to be right about something like this. I'd have hated to read that the kidnapper turned on his news, panicked, and ran down to the basement to strangle the girl.


    Oops! I also meant to add that as I was watching, I was also thinking that perhaps if she had all that time to text so many messages to her mother and her friends, that perhaps she would have had enough time to call the cops-- if her phone was working to place calls, that is.


    I haven't had a chance yet to catch up with this one. I saw it on tv when it first came out but since then I haven't had a chance to get the updated details.

    I do recall though that as I was watching it on CNN {or wherever}, I was thinking, "Damn...that's one long ass text message," and then I heard she also texted two of her friends, as well.

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